Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An Awesome Opossum


Fifteen of our finest stallions tackled today’s workout by foot and pedal with all distances covered.

Reverse Carillon route was called and off we went.  The water was thick in the air and deep on the ground and the pace was cruising.

We ran into the seals at the Carillon doing crabwalks and being instructed to keep moving by someone who was not moving.  Huh.

The backblast title comes from a critter that Labrat saw who gave him a salute with an opposable digit.  Labrat thinks it was a thumbs up while I think he was flippin the bird.  Regardless, that’s what made him awesome.

Loose Goose took us out.


  • June 23 (tomorrow) – Puppy Pile at Carillon at 7:05.  Bring the 2.0s and a frisbee.
  • June 25 – YHC will Q Punisher Resurrection – 1830 in the evening.  Let’s get some numbers out for this fine AO.
  • July 10 – Ultimate Frisbee at Heartbreak Ridge

Time to Taper,



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  1. New/old avatar in place! Got to keep my peeps happy….

    Way to push it out there, it was a steamy one!

  2. Happy to see old Narf back.

    A flippant opossum is still better than a barking (rabid) coon.