Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Give Thanks for Topography


RAMM Topography

Seven by foot, two on wheels, and 1 taperer arrived at Munford, ready to cut through the humidity and tackle today’s edition of RAMM.  Huddle up and question who had the Q before YHC gave the following directions:

West on Grove.  Left on Oak.  Cross Cary to Hillcrest.

4 milers:  3 Hillcrest loops
5 milers:  4 Hillcrest loops
6 milers:  5 Hillcrest loops

Everyone return the same way.

Numbers.  Names.  Marv took us out, giving thanks to topography.

Flatline contacted YHC yesterday afternoon indicating he was planning to fartsack and needed someone to cover.  His excuse was his M had secured tickets to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw last night.  The closest theme YHC could come up with on short notice is for us to put our faith in our abilities and tackle hills today.  Thus the idea to celebrate Faith Hill by running loops around Hillcrest.  You can thank Flatline for the result today.

The air was thick this morning.  Sorry for slowing you down today Marv, YHC wasn’t quite feeling it.  Fudd was in his prime having consumed a few scotches and a few glasses of wine.  That’s akin to spinach for Popeye.

Great to see everyone today.  YHC can only assume the lower RAMM numbers were due to the PAXs desire to see Faith Hill or to drink Flashdance’s coffee at Twin Team.

Enjoy the day.  Splinter out.


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    great theme, though I liked that route as much as I would have enjoyed a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert.