Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Snake River


Eleven of RVA’s finest left the fartsack for what was certain to be a wet day.

We did the Kingpin route from Tuesday’s Spider Run, except we launched from the Mary.  We headed west on Grove to Granite and a left on Granite to Cary.  Dogleg left and take a right heading down Tempsford.

  • 4s take the left fork and retrace their steps back to Grove to the AO.
  • 5s do the left and right forks and then Granite to Patterson to Westmoreland to the AO.
  • 6s do the left and right forks twice each (!) and then Granite to Patterson to Westmoreland to the AO.
  • The three amigos showed up early and did a longer route.

YHC took us out.


A few observations:

  • I have never seen so much standing water on Grove before.  Ran a bit down the median to take higher ground.
  • In the dark on the Kennondale hill, I could hear whitewater rapids in the ditches.  If I had a creek boat, I could get to the bottom a lot quicker.  Also, one had to keep a lookout for tripping hazards (someone’s driveway spilled into the road) and cross currents similar to riptide running across the road.
  • Sippy Cup suggested that this route could be aptly renamed Snake River since there is both a river and a fork.  Plus there is a bite to the hills.
  • There was some deep water on Patterson.  Prior to today, I have never described my running style like a displacement hull.  I wonder if you can hydroplane while running?
  • At one point, I waterboarded myself breathing in through my nose.


  • Puppy Pile is tomorrow.  Water, mud, and kids.  Its going to smell like a wet dog.
  • Golf tournament today.  The heavy stuff probably won’t come down for some time so they are good for a few holes.

Time to Taper,



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  1. BT, It was great running with you today. It’s prudent to use the buddy system around deep water. 🙂

  2. Big Tennessee on

    Indeed it is! I enjoyed it as well. 70 and rainy may be the new slogan for optimal weather.

  3. Terrific BB Lockjaw, and great route – inclement weather not withstanding.

    Hope Splinter’s ankle is doing ok after the mishap on the (class 4?) rapids.