Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Unspoken Things


Eleven relatively on-time steeds plus three early birds convened post-run to celebrate this week’s RAMM.  Routes were given to a small group while others filtered in:

The Route
Everyone work their way over to Monument.  West on Monument to Willow Lawn. Left on Willow Lawn then right on Patterson.  Left on Libbie then left on Grove.  Back to the VSF.

4 milers went up Commonwealth to Monument.
5 milers went east on Grove to Hamilton to Monument.
6 milers went east on Grove to Cleveland to Monument.

Numbers, names, announcements, and YHC took us out.

Chatter was lively in the 6 mile crew today with many questions centered around the CSAUP and its potential next year.  Phonics was keen to identify the luck we had in avoiding the NASCAR event this weekend.  That was not on YHCs radar when the date was picked.  That could have made Meadowbridge that much more interesting.

About half the PAX strolled in right at 5:30 and YHC did not feel compelled to repeat himself as representation was had from 4, 5, and 6 milers.  Hope everyone found their way accordingly.

I will state that the 6 mile route was clocked at 6.00 miles on the garmin this morning.  I can only assume the other routes were equally as perfect.

YHC is extremely thankful for being dragged out to F3 three years ago.  It’s a great story if you haven’t heard it and I’m thankful to Fudd for the persistence.  There are times I reflect on the people I know and the things I have done and realize none of them would have happened had I not discovered this group.  We rib each other constantly and push our physical abilities into new territories.  Sometimes I think the biggest benefit of this group are things we don’t talk about on a regular basis.  Sure, we make each other better by pushing ourselves to new heights but there is more to it than that.

My previous circles of influence were family, work, church, and perhaps my neighborhood.  If we didn’t share one of those circles it was unlikely an interaction would stick.  F3 is a new circle for me and it’s broader and more diverse than I expected it to be.  The F3 circle isn’t really a circle.  It looks more like our CSAUP route than a circle, weaving through different cross sections of age, industry and beliefs.  It’s those unspoken things that I think about from time to time and I’m thankful for all of it.

– Dopile tshirt orders open to the end of the month
– Extra CSAUP tshirts available for those that want one.  I have a few M/L left.  No Schmediums.
– Colonial relay is off!  Think about them as they traverse the roads from Cville to Wburg.

Splinter out



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning for a run fella’s – great job !
    Fantastic words taking us out today Splinter – you da man !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Perfectly stated Splinter. Yeats and Keats could not have expressed it better.

    I am happy to represent the ‘age’ cross-section. If you ever want to know what it was like to write in assembly language just ask.

  3. Congrats on the 3 years Splinter. F3RVA is better because you made the decision “to get in the car with Fudd”

  4. Congrats on 3 years Splinter and 100% AYE on the sentiments about the impact and influence of F3. I’m so thankful it has connected me to so many great men (and reconnected me with friends of old like you).

  5. Very brief COP tomorrow at Dogpile! Stretch OYO before 6am! Looks like a great run this morning!

  6. Big Tennessee on

    Well said, and congrats on the gloomiversary! You hit the nail on the head, brother, and t-claps to Fudd for a solid EH.