Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spy Hunter


15 by foot and 1 by wheel descended upon the AO ready to roll.  YHC used a new tactic to lay the route; a map.  We did the Setauket route today in the 4 and 5 mile variations.  6 milers were all sunning themselves on a beach, college tour, or whereabouts unknown.

Today’s pace was at a quick clip today.  I think Flatline and Spit were pushing the first pack and setting the tone for the rest of the 5s.  No one got permanently lost today and all returned to the AO.  YHC did see some take a slide down the hill as we cut through the tree line to Dover.  Note to all, there is a mulched path at the turn.

Wilton House seems to be doing well, through there is a construction site next door.  An empty lot where a house once stood?  What will they build?  Pax speculation includes a Wawa or Dollar General.  I have  my money on the Waffle House.

Labrat should be renamed the “Spy Hunter” after the video game from our youth.  I don’t know about any machine guns out front, but the oil slick and smokescreen combo produced by his flatulence left many gagging 30 feet back.  A couple weeks ago, EF Hutton got poked in the eye by a stick on the Grayson Allen route.  This week he choked down a direct hit of Labrat’s finest crushing his olfactory senses.  Perhaps we will plan on damaging the rest of his senses on future runs?

Labrat, somewhere out there Keymaster, Wilson, and Fudd are filled with a sense of deep pride.

Flatline took us out.

CSAUP is upon us.  One week and game time.

Time to Taper (when is it not?),



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great run guys .. Liked the route Lockjaw other than the cut through he trees 🙂
    Glad to see BT back out there – looking good baby !
    Way to push there at the home stretch – Offshore – Labrat – Shakedown !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Thanks for pacing me Lockjaw, or did I pace you? Either way, we pushed it. Great route.

  3. Big Tennessee on

    Good to be back, been missing the routine. Solid route, LJ. Being behind Labrat most of the route I’m not sure how I survived the nasal assault, but I’m thankful I kept all my lives for the next level. Thanks for being the human shield, EF.

  4. Great job fellas! Note for next time we do this Flatline. Let’s trust your judgement and don’t follow the PAX. You clearly found the mulch path first.

  5. Yup, trust your instincts! I look forward for drive through service at the Waffle House…smothered and covered please!! Way to push our run this morning dudes and Spit, gracias for home stretch kick!
    Perfect way to start my Friday. Loud and Proud!!