Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stay Gold, Mr. Roper, Stay Gold


Roper’s impromptu VQ?
Shakedown’s FNG brother?
Hot poultry taeks from Döner Kebab?
EF HUTTON batting for the old school corporate cycle?

What else could you want out of a 530AM workout?!? I LOVE THIS GAME.


Mosey to the parking lot for Circle of Pain

20 SSH
10 merkins
15 DQ
15 WW2 sit ups
15 Copperhead Squats
20 JVille Hip-Hop Hillbillies

Mosey to the near field


Four corners with the following at each corner.

Merkins x10
Flutter kicks x20
Monkey humpers x30
LBCs x40

Ultra polar Bear – line up on baseline. split the field into segments of 25 meters. Near crawl the length and every 25 meters on do 15 merkins, then 20 merkins, then 25 merkins

Ultra King Crab – do the same back to the other side (Roper shortened the field somewhat for this one)

Mosey to the shed


Pair up just like Stanley Roper and his oversexed wife Helen! One runs the field (Stanley) while the other (Helen) gets hot and bothered with 100 dips, 100 flutter kicks, 100 some other exercise I can’t remember.

Mosey to the parking lot

Two teams of four race each other around the perimeter of the parking lot while the remaining team does a variety of ab exercises (flutters, APDs, WW2s) while they wait.

Indigenous People’s Run back to (virtual) flag

2 Minutes of Mary

Number-rama, name-a-rama, Roscoe took us out.


CSAUP is less than two weeks away! Get with Rosie to help out the Dogtown Degenerates.

The Healing Place is hitting the home stretch. Get with Shakedown for more info if you want to help or cheer them on for the Monument 10K.


Eight mighty oaks posted in the chilly spring air for a very special and extra gloomy Spring Break version of NoToll.

Your Humble Correspondent has been keeping a low profile around NoToll ever since he rolled up in his Subaru muscle car and pulled a switchblade on a Tuckahoe Soc a few months back. That’s how we Greasers roll! Sodapop Rosie and the rest of the Greasers say the coast is clear for YHC, so it was time to get back into the flow at NoToll.

Upon getting out of YHC’s car, the parking lot was emptier than normal. Noticeably absent were New Market Git-R-Duns who chose not to participate in this morning’s rumble. Sigh. Nothing Gold Can Stay.

When it was clear that no one had signed up to Q today -after some prodding – Mr. Roper jumped in and picked up his VQ! Way to go, Roper!

Even though there was but eight NoTollers today, the mumblechatter was strong, specifically during the COP when Roper had the oh-so-typical counting woes that plague so many of the PAX in their first forays into Q-land, YHC included. That said, for a VQ, Roper did a solid job of keeping the PAX moving and sucking wind.

Welcome FNG Ponyboy! Ponyboy is the brother of Shakedown and as he said in the parking lot prior to the workout. “I decided to come check out this thing to get my brother to shut up about F3!” Solid EHing, Shakedown, solid EHing.

Please use the comments to remind YHC how Ponyboy got the name. Because he’s Shakedown’s brother? YHC has never seen The Outsiders, although he’s seen all the Brat Pack films which spawned from this classic. YHC was pulling for “DaVinci” because it sounds like he’s had 20 careers in as many years.

After the workout five of the PAX retired for a Coffeeteria at Starbucks. Stay tuned because Shakedown will probably post 200 selfies today on Facebook of him building his chicken coop since he took off work. Of interest to YHC was some hot New York Jets NFL Draft talk. Also, YHC learning that he talked with Ponyboy two years ago via phone and email when he inquired about the UofR Brewer’s Certificate Program in the school of continuing ed.  Someday YHC will become a master brewer!

Stay gold, PAX, stay gold.


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  1. Viral, good job as my penman! I appreciate you writing my post. This is the main reason that I have procrastinated Q-ing.

  2. Solid ImpromtVQ Mr. Roper.

    One of my favorite things about F3 RVA is knowing I’m going to have a good laugh at some point during every workout.

  3. Good stuff guys – I think when Pony Boy was taking about working at University of Richmond he felt like a greaser at a soc party. I said I fee like that most of the time ??.

    Too tired to post but the coop is a success

  4. Bout damn time Roper! Pissed I wasn’t there for this but can’t wait for your next Q.

  5. For someone who’s never led a workout before Roper was quite adept at burning the PAX down.

    Nice work Roper and welcome FNG Ponyboy!

    PS – Is it Pony Boy or Ponyboy?!

  6. Döner Kebab on

    Backblast of the year, Viral. I love the titles of the exercises…esp the Stanley & Helen’s.

    Great Q, Roper. Way to step up!

  7. Respect and Congrats Mr Roper. Working night shift and looking at the clock at 0530….missing No Toll!! Respect my friend. First Q always the hardest! Loud and Proud!