Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Belmonte 2018


Three brave souls departed Friday evening for parts unkown, well unknown to YHC at least. All three met at Upchuck’s abode at the appointed time, went for a nice meal and a draft or two (beer, cider, and kombucha) at Blue Mountain and commenced to make new memories. After a good deal of riveting conversation at the generously provided digs – Flashdace could not be with us but still graciously hosted us at the Nestledown. Early to bed and earlier to rise we embarked to embrace our destines.

YHC is a firm believer in getting up extra early to allow time for a successful evacuation of yesterday’s detritus. Perhaps after today Honeydo might adopt the same strategy. He can fill in any additional details as he sees fit.

Breakfast (bacon included) and pre race hydration taken care of we were ready at the starting line at 0600, half heartedly listed to our instructions (orange good, pink bad, code words at the bottom of the hill..) and we were off. Upchuk’s loud shoes scared a young lady (we later discovered, the 100 miler veteran Kelly of Pennsylvania) into thinking she was caught in a stampede. She was a regular fixture in our adventures of the next four hours.

Down the parkway, down to the creek, up she short mountain, through the laurels we slogged until we reached Camp Marty. Best aid station east of the Pecos. Down the big hill, keyword Gopher and the. We headed back up and towards the warm food, wooden medals, and then on fire. 13 long miles in and around the creek crossing we finally split up. I looked at the time and thought I might have a chance to make the time I’d been assigned by Lab Rat and gave it all I had for the last 3.5 miles. Didn’t make the time but made it back uninjured (victory!) save a scraped shin from a semi successful log crossing. Soon all three mighty souls were reunited.

Back at camp we met TYAs friend Patrick, laughed about the guy on the group text (wait, what group text- I didbt see any group text??) who got pissed, and eventually got cold.

Surely there were many hints worth mentioning that were left out – being first back, the backblast fell to me. Hopefully it was semi coherent –  smoked.

Good times


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  1. Ok so I had to stop twice off the trail mid race to drop a deauce. Luckily my dollar store gloves work well as defacto toilet paper.
    Great to run with Shakedown and Upchuck. We had a good ace but an even better time.

  2. Nice run, compadres. Somehow, the first 5 off road miles are a monster. Just uphill and nasty. And, fun as heck after all is done.

    I also have a confession and a promise. I have been selfishly been hogging all of this nation’s steep single track switchbacks. I vow to share them with other people going forward.