Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Black Widow


Yep, It’s Ground Hog’s Day.  A day to celebrate the signal of a spring to come, or know the winter still has us in it’s grasp for a little while longer.  I chose to go with the Bill Murray theme and celebrate an infinite loop.

The route posted above is two miles in length.  4 milers do it twice, 6 milers do it three times, 5 milers do it twice with a one mile bonus loop (Grove to Malvern to Cary to Commonwealth to Grove).  Black Widow is the name of the route considering the resemblance to it’s namesake.


Pre-run, YHC was sitting with Swirly in Big Blue chatting about life.  Saab walks out in front of the beams of our headlights and begins to do burbees.  The time to run approaches.  Saab is still doing burbees.  The Pax talks some more.  Saab is still doing burpees.  Finally, he concludes at 42.

Even though Big Data was updated weeks ago for the renegades who supported #trackworksucks, Saab felt obligated to continue through with the challenge.  Well done Sir!

Windsor Farms was quiet and tranquil affording a great running route.  It seems the only newspapers that are delivered in Richmond are in this neighborhood.  Has the internet not made it south of Cary?

Runners were strong today with the eye on the prize:  whether a CSAUP victory or an upcoming ultra.  YHC will note that the bikers may have been apparitions.  No cars in the parking lot nor bikers in the COT at the end.  However, there was a sighting of bikers.  It’s easier to include Labrat in the backblast then to receive a backblast comments prodding throughout the day.  If No Tool’s companion was someone else, let me know and I will update for Big Data.


  • Honey Do and Upchuck’s volunteer initiative begins tomorrow.  Please sign up.  If you can’t start tomorrow, there are plenty of opportunities between now and the 10k race.
  • CSAUP – Join a team and let’s get rolling!








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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Lockjaw – I really liked this loop – let’s bring it back buddy! Can’t believe I didn’t get lost once in Windsor farms I mean hell it’s only been 3 years we have been running in that neighborhood 🙂
    Good running with you Bootleg – thanks for the stretching advice Sippy – I gotta do more stretching ….
    Pax stay tuned for some Yoga after a workout – soon to come….
    Saabski crushing 42 burpees before the run – respect dude ! Hope you feel better bro…
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Great BB Lockjaw. I feel the route-name is apropos of how I did today.

    I knew extensive Burpees before a run was ill-advised, but like my momma always told me… “Respect the Q!…”

    I look forward to Swirly leading us in a series of Yoga and Kegel exercises.

  3. Thanks for keeping me from making a wrong turn Swirly. Glad you’re feeling better

    That was a nice route. Not too much for me to try and remember

  4. Let me say that it was VERY generous of Lockjaw to include us in the bb, as we ran late getting there and ran late getting back.

    A blast was had this morning with No Tools and we were filthy when arriving back at F3RVA headquarters. Sorry to miss the circle up at the end, but the choice in fat tires over skinny speedsters hurt the lap times and we were a little longer on time than anticipated.

    Looks like another Lockjaw classic route is in the books now.

    Saab, please give 42 more burpees to Lockjaw on my behalf. I’ll name another beer after you.