Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mutiny on the Bounty


Sixteen Runners and Ruckers came to cover ground by foot today.  This is the first no bikes RAMM in a while.

YHC announced speed work at the track and four Rogue Runners disembarked on their own adventure.  The rest went to the TJ track for an epic workout, partially due to the fact that everyone wanted to be there and whining was nonexistent.  I am sure the other group was assailed by a group of rabid raccoons in the darkness.

We did laps in the snow, wind sprints on pavement, and the longest indigenous people run YHC can remember.  Good times.

Fudd took us out.


  • The F3RVA Century Classic is coming!  Form your teams and start to train.  This visionary run will connect all of our AOs, so start cleaning them up.  Corporate is watching.
  • OBT discussed a rucking leadership initiative which embodies the principles of F3.  Sounds like leadership training, a good workout, and fellowship which is the recipe for a great time.  If you want to get down with OBT, additional information will be forthcoming.
  • Not confirmed, but Swirly spent his time this morning constructing a gallows at Mary today.  Mutineers be warned!

Time to Taper,




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  1. In my defense…I really have none. I did, however, enjoy the leisurely run and chat w/ Lab Rat. (Amazingly, beer and Plaster Casters did not even come up.)

    An alternative title could have been Lord of the Flies…per Lab Rat’s leading of a sub-PAX away to the carillon.

  2. Nice work Lockjaw. Kudos for staying true to your initial intent. The IPR was long and tested a number of folks. Way to stick with it everyone.

    Good to see OBT and his strap on today. Always great to get visitors.

  3. Wow! No credit points. I guess the old saying holds true: “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

    4 legs good, 2 legs bad!

  4. One may notice the names listed fall FAR BELOW the number of PAX who actually posted. Must have been an oversight. Lockjaw has too much integrity for one to suggest he is manipulating Big Data and merely inflicting punitive measures upon the so-called mutineers.

    Did I mention how handsome Lockjaw looked in his running outfit today?

  5. I noticed SEVERAL others that did their own thing made the list. Me thinks you have to call “SHOTGUN!” to get to do your own thing and get credit.

    2 legs bad, 4 legs good!

  6. Hopefully this is the only time I hear “strap on” and “Flashdance” in the same monologue.

  7. I am a benevolent Q and believe in Dig Data redemption. Choose between performing 42 burpees on your own or the next time I Q, perform 21 burpees with the Pax surrounding you in a ring of fire. Why 42? Its the age of this Q which is just as arbitrary as going rogue on your own run.