Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3RVA Century Classic


Disclaimer:  Welcome to the F3RVA Century Classic.  This is a peer led workout.  None of us are certified instructors.  The details below will allow the opportunity for you to push yourself but please do not hurt yourself.  Much of this CSAUP will be executed overnight and on roads with varying traffic.  It is up to you to take the proper precautions for reflective gear and visibility accessories.  They are highly recommended and potentially required for participating in this CSAUP.

Having said that… announcing… the F3RVA Century Classic.  Many of you have heard the rumors about this spring’s CSAUP.  Well, here are the details:

When:  April 13 – 14, 2018.  Yes, Friday the 13th.
Where:  Every AO
Start:  7:00PM
End:  ~10:00AM
Distance:  ~100 miles

The route is pictured above, starting from Dogpile, meandering through Daville, Richmond Proper, Tuckahoe, Short Pump and SOJ before heading back to a finish at Dogpile.  Details will continue to be flushed out over the coming months but preliminary routes are planned.

Teams will be any combination up to 9 people and it will be a relay race.  The initial suggestion is to organize by nano-region.  However, some nanos may have more and some may have less than the desired number of people.  You are all smart PAX members and will figure out how to make it work.  Also, there are no stipulations that runners have to remain in sequence.  In other words, if there is a new runner on your team that wants to take the shortest two legs, go for it.  We want this to be as inclusive of an event as possible.  FNGs and Kotters welcome.

There will be consideration for bikers as well.  The non-corporate event planning executive committee has a few ideas for how this may work.  If you are a biker and want to participate please reach out and offer suggestions.

This is also the weekend of the Monument 10k.  We have taken that into account when planning the routes, hitting the northern AOs first and clearing out well before those festivities begin.  What that means is there is an opportunity to double dip by running some early legs in the relay and stroll up to the 10k and finish it off.  Double dip credit to anyone pursuing that challenge.

Since this CSAUP will hit every official AO in the region, each region will have the opportunity to choose 1 AO in their region as a “fun stop” (official name TBD).  The choice and details are at the discretion of the region.  This could be a team challenge that has to be accomplished at the stop, a riddle that has to be solved, a ridiculous selfie that must be posted to the twitterverse… any and all ideas are welcome here and should remain a secret until race day.  Start the creative juices.

Rosters will be managed by individual team captains.  Individuals that wish to participate but are not aware of the teams can reference the following spreadsheet:

Rosters:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WFI-ggmeWUZKJDwLyO6zmb6mkW2MT0aPDAXNrKFEqYM/edit?usp=sharing

Alas, YHC would be remiss to announce this CSAUP without posting the details of each leg.  Route, distance, and elevation are included.

Stay tuned for more details but in the meantime enjoy!

Overall Route:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=17Ktr5nhIW7nbgWwCi4KXOR_Aq1xGThKw&usp=sharing

Leg Start End Start Distance End Distance Leg Distance Route Est Start Est End
1 Dogpile Punisher 0.00 3.43 3.43 https://goo.gl/KXG9Nj 7:00 PM 7:30 PM
2 Punisher Manndate 3.43 10.88 7.45 https://goo.gl/5JZPkF 7:30 PM 8:37 PM
3 Manndate The Creek 10.88 15.87 4.99 https://goo.gl/osBXPe 8:37 PM 9:22 PM
4 The Creek Daville 15.87 21.26 5.39 https://goo.gl/hZtvFf 9:22 PM 10:11 PM
5 Daville Punisher 21.26 28.76 7.50 https://goo.gl/F3dK7G 10:11 PM 11:18 PM
6 Punisher 45MoM 28.76 31.71 2.95 https://goo.gl/gEqmXK 11:18 PM 11:45 PM
7 45MoM RollerCoaster 31.71 34.44 2.73 https://goo.gl/Z7GRZW 11:45 PM 12:09 AM
8 RollerCoaster Hoedown 34.44 38.05 3.61 https://goo.gl/zyCtsA 12:09 AM 12:42 AM
9 Hoedown Circus Maximus 38.05 43.31 5.26 https://goo.gl/d9SLp3 12:42 AM 1:29 AM
10 Circus Maximus Gridiron 43.31 47.01 3.70 https://goo.gl/WmPdPy 1:29 AM 2:03 AM
11 Gridiron Heartbreak 47.01 52.96 5.95 https://goo.gl/Ww7Ls2 2:03 AM 2:56 AM
12 Heartbreak Spider Run 52.96 57.14 4.18 https://goo.gl/wQvS5V 2:56 AM 3:34 AM
13 Spider Run TwinTeam 57.14 66.92 9.78 https://goo.gl/jTNohH 3:34 AM 5:02 AM
14 TwinTeam SOT 66.92 76.26 9.34 https://goo.gl/BnLxgT 5:02 AM 6:24 AM
15 SOT Timberwolf 76.26 79.94 3.68 https://goo.gl/1RACNZ 6:24 AM 6:57 AM
16 Timberwolf NoToll 79.94 88.00 8.06 https://goo.gl/j5jZjj 6:57 AM 8:10 AM
17 NoToll Batteau 88.00 96.26 8.26 https://goo.gl/4dAxVd 8:10 AM 9:24 AM
18 Batteau Dogpile 96.26 101.91 5.65 https://goo.gl/WP7ESd 9:24 AM 10:15 AM


  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Freaken Awesome Job – Splinter and CSAUP committee-looking forward to it fellas !

  2. Great work Splinter and committee. Looks great.

    I know Rosie will really enjoy the 9.78 miles of Huguenot Road and Robious Road from Spider Run to Twin Team at 3:30 a.m. for the Robious Corridor Nano-region team.

    12 weeks to train…or taper, if you are LockJaw.

  3. Circle K and I will have a team….but no guarantees we will follow selected route (we will skip all speed training sections). Therefore, you may not get credit in #bigdata. You have been warned.

    Now, who’s with me?!?

  4. Friday the 13th. Who is going to run with Wilson during his night run?
    Also anyone up for fielding a team for the Clydesdale division?

  5. Please see the updated post details above. There is now a roster sheet on google sheets we will use to keep track of teams and rosters.

  6. I’m in, but not sure which nano-region I qualify as. I’m in Bon Air, but within the Richmond City limits…also definitely qualify for #runningsucks slow division. I’ll put my 10 minute miles up for the highest bidder 🙂