Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Paper Run


A Great 8 came out for an arctic run in the neighborhood.

The Route

  • East on Grove and left on Hamilton to Broad
  • East on Broad to Roseneath, hang a left and take to Norfolk – 4s turn around here and retrace their steps back to the SF
  • 5s/6s turn right on Norfolk and take to the Boulevard
  • Hang a right on the Boulevard – 5s take to Kensington, 6s take a left on Leigh
    • 5s take Kensington west to Westmoreland, back to Grove and the SF
    • 6s take Leigh to Hermitage and west on Broad to Davis
      • left on Davis to Kensington west to Westmoreland, back to Grove and the SF

YHC took us out.


It was a cold start to the run, but once we acclimated, it was fine.  There was talk of football, bowl games, and UVA’s domination of the first minute of the Military Bowl.  Scott’s Addition was desolate as expected with the exception of a motorist who shouted out to F3.  We presume this to be Shakedown en route somewhere.

The pace quickened down the Blvd with Swirly leading point.  Upchuck announced our presence to an upcoming pedestrian who leaped out of our way effortlessly.  Upchuck gets points for his follow up EH on the fly.

Talk was brief after the run as we elected to continue discussions for some third F at the Starbuck’s down the road.  Good discussion all around including 80’s hair bands, Saab’s dislikes, and a sundry of topics.


  • Upchuck and Honey Do are assisting with an effort that is training those recovering from addiction for the Monument 10K.  They need a revolving cast of Pax support to run a few miles Saturday mornings this spring post Dogpile.  Inquire with them for details on how to help out.

This concludes a year of Friday Qs.  Its been a pleasure to lead the way and pilot routes out of the infinitesimal options that area of town offers.  A special thanks to TYA who signed me up for three months to recharge my running commitment and the Pax should look forward to 52 new routes next year!




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  1. Yes, that was me. I was on my way to lift and saw some lunatics out running in the cold 6 or so blocks up. I briefly thought, those guys are nuts and then, well – I could use some more cold weather miles for training and then (all within the nanosecond in which I had the first two thoughts) I recognized the trons. So, I took the long way to give y’all a shout out. Good work guys you looked solid.

    I am interested in the post dogpile miles and will participate when I can fit it into the schedule. See you guys tomorrow.

  2. Nice route today. Thanks for pushing/pulling me, Swirly. Great job keeping the pace up.

    Enjoyed the 2nd F, fellas.

  3. Interesting route as usual LJ….Over the last few months you really have given us a Tour de Richmond.

    Thanks to Marv for being my eyes and ears along the way.

  4. Been waiting over 2 years to see the word infinitesimal used in a backblast. Good work LJ.

    Looking forward to the future Def Leppard themed Q.