Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Another One Down, One To Go


The Finest Fourteen came out for a pre-holiday run.

The Routes:

Everyone headed west on Grove.  4s turned onto Libbie to Patterson.  5s and 6s continued to the end of Grove and took the access road to St Christopher’s Rd; St Chris to Patterson.  All routes headed east bound on Patterson.  4s and 5s turned on Malvern to Grove and home.  6s turned on Rosneath to Grove to home.

YHC took us out.


Grove had a road closure due to what appeared to be a line down, taking out power to some of the houses and street lights along the route.  This detour also caused BT to bring the Landcruiser in hot to the AO.  It was an odd juxtaposition to see total darkness surrounded by Christmas lights, but we managed.

After a year of Qing Friday, one more post to go.  It’s been a fun year setting routes and we will finish strong next week.


  • Christmas Day at Hoedown @5:30 am.  Same time, same place – Mr Holland is leading the only AO in town.
  • New Year’s Day at Hoedown @ 7:00 am.  Different time, same place and an allegedly family friendly workout by Honey Do.  Interested in seeing what an onslaught of burpees and doneky kicks does to little kids?  Then come out January 1!

Time to Taper,



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  1. Thanks Lockjaw. It’s been a solid year. New enhancements to big data will include attendance to Q ratio. Any guess who will be on top? Stay tuned.

    Marv used the bloodhound in him to seek out the six mile crew. Running straight towards us in the dark was nearly a poor decision. I almost dropped a shoulder to greet the man dressed in black.

    Always fun catching up with Saab while running. Good luck finding those last minute stocking stuffers in the Sharper Image catalog.

  2. Certainly interesting running with the street lights out but the houses and Christmas lights on. Good catching up LJ, appreciate you taking the reins on the Friday Qs this year. Great job. The M is out of town next Friday, see you all in the gloom at some point in the future.

  3. Another fine trapezoid Lockjaw. It wouldn’t be a Friday run without you on Q…I hope you continue to make appearances in 2018.

    Thanks to Sippy, Marv, and particularly Splinter for the company and good conversation.

    “Great route!”….Debbie, Dallas TX