Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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With so many great routes this year, something new would be the absence of a route.  Besides, with so many running races, this was indeed a time time for taper.

The instructions were simple.  Find a partner based on speed, distance, or interests and be back in 45 minutes.  Everyone happened to set out eastbound on Grove and diffused from there.  Some chose traditional routes while mine was based on running until I felt like making a turn and then running until I felt the need for another turn and so on.

We did a BOM ring of fire with each Pax stating one thing they are thankful for.  We are blessed.

Good luck to the racers this weekend.  Regardless of distance, go forward and conquer.  You trained for it, now enjoy the reward.

Time To Taper,



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  1. Very interesting….I like it! Unfortunately, my body rejected the alarm clock this morning. Turns out riding the ‘stache is hazardous to your health!

  2. Mustache riding used to mean something else… lol

    Good work everyone – I enjoyed my run and conversations with Offshore and Fudd, thanks fellas.

  3. Thankful to Sippy and Marv for keeping me going this morning. Had I been alone I doubt I would have gone that extra mile.

    Thanks to LJ for his continued Qs of the Friday RAMM. Just when you think he may have exhausted all options, he comes up with yet another creative approach.