Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Nightmare of Old Glory


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11 Davillians arose from there fart sack not knowing that Old Glory was awaiting them. The SF was briefly  planted while mumble chatter was had prior to 5:30.

This is how it went down:


YHC yelled “let’s mosey”, grabbed the SF, and headed down the sidewalk in front of the HS and MS; across the MS parking lot to the gravel track. One loop around the track, headed to back of the MS and 3/4 the way around the bus loop to complete the 1 mile warm up.  Plant the Flag and Al Gore for the six.

YHC explained the exercises as this was the first OG for several folks. Timer was set for 20 minutes and OG was completed around the bus loop (about 1/4 mile lap) with 20 merkins at the SF, 20 Squats at corner 2, 20 Burpees at corner 3, and 20 WWII sit ups at corner 4. A two minute warning was give so the PAX could give it AYC till the end.

When time was called all PAX returned to the SF. YHC gave instructions for the PAX to return the same way they came to complete the 1 mile victory lap back to the HS parking lot. The PAX return by means of “Catch me if you can”. Quaker grab the SF was instructed to “push the pace”. If anyone wanted to take the lead they must take the SF from Quaker.

2 MOM with LBC’s and Freddie Mercury’s before YHC had noticed the six hadn’t return so all PAX mosey back to grab the six.

Numberrama, Namerama, and Emoji took us out.


The Q sheet had remained vacant until noon yesterday when YHC remember that Old Glory hadn’t been completed at DaVille since April. A message was posted on FB messenger that YHC would be taking the Q but if another PAX member wanted it then to take it. No takes so the plan was put into place.

OG has become one YHC favorite workouts since it was first introduced to him by TYA only a month or so after starting F3. Happy to have several others participate in it for the first time

Grabber lead the PAX with 4.75 laps completed. YHC just behind with 4.5 follow by Spike, Emoji at around 4.25. Total mileage will vary for folks from 3 – 3.3 miles.  Well done fellas!

Shout out goes to LP. I don’t know many 9 year old’s that would be up for this challenge and crush it the way he did!


  • November challenges are up! Choice one or both: Merkins and  BMFB
  • Hampton Roads 1 year anniversary coming up on Nov 11th. See preblast
  • All men’s 4 miler in C-Ville on Nov 12th. Here is the link to learn more: https://www.mensfourmiler.com/




  1. I’ll give you a shout-out since DaVille still lags behind in comments….nice call on the OG! Always a crowd pleaser.

  2. Strong Q, Spit. Thank you for leading us. OG is always a blast and it was even more fun going around the bus loop. I am still impressed by LP’s strong finish even after he face-planted in the parking lot during the sprint to the end. Every morning provides an opportunity for new memories!