Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Unveiling of the Serpentine Route/Cocoons/”I cant put my arms down”/Swirly-isms for Winklevoss



A Charlie Foxtrot group of 20?!? came to embrace the morning, including a pair of rifty’s that included one visitor from the Dirty South (Gator) and his twin from a different mother, FNG Steve (Ralphy).  They were greeted with maps….uh oh.


All routes took a serpentine pattern thru the neighborhood on the north side of the school, in between Grove and Patterson.  Basically follow this:

-East on Grove, turn left, then next left on Hanover.  Follow to end.

-Go right, then right on to Stuart.  East on Stuart to either Antrium (4 miler) or Hamilton.

-Left then left on to Kensington.  West until end.  Right, then right until Eastbound on Leonard.  5 Milers return to home base at Woodlawn.

–6 milers continue on to Hamilton, left up to Patterson, then come home on Commonwealth.


-The route:  Leonard threw most a curve ball, including YHC.  It seems that there is a cut-thru that would take you over to Leonard, but most of us ran down the alley.  But, you can only get so lost back there…no matter how bad you screw up, you are still within a mile from Munford.  YHC liked the route.  Expect to see it again, pax.

-The gravel roads and weaving thru the neighborhood reminded YHC very much so of his first two failed attempts to post to RAMM, which he was a couple minutes late.  He weaved his way thru a very similar route to this morning looking for the pax (which were probably just running up and down Grove).  Lab Rat has been thinking about this route for quite a while and finally took the time to lay it out on map my run.

-The run:  most of the 5 milers bunched up, with BT setting the pace early and Shakedown pushing the home stretch.  The main pax was Lab Rat, Gator, Ralphie, BIG Tennessee, Shakedown, and Swirly for a minute.  Speaking of Swirly, he fell out of the lead pack when he had to drop trousers in the alley.  Hilarity ensued when we all found out….this rolled in to a discussion of how you could use a sprinkler as a bidet, and how far you should put it up there…..as always TYA was the expert in all things regarding putting things in your butt.

-Winklevoss posted for the third time this week!  Much respect, brother!  He was a little late getting back to the VSF, so while waiting for him, Swirly went on a Tourettes-esque rant about his name.  It was quite impressive, even for Swirly!

-There was much discussion of SEC football on the group run this morning.  We had to shut it down when BT got extremely jealous that USC and UGA had a bye week this week, but UT had to play.  That could be the apology of the week……but………

Apology of the week goes to the guy that is going to have to clean off the back of his picket fence later on today.  If Lab Rat would have known the “pressure” that Swirly was under, he could have planned a route past Starbucks.  On the bright side, think about how big of a carrot he could grow there!


Lab Rat apologizes…



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  1. Great run today, men! A couple things:

    -Welcome to Ralphie and Gator!
    -Ralphie’s last name is Fargus, which is close enough to the bully in A Christmas Story for the name. Enjoy this gem of a video I came across while searching up the “I cant put my arms down” classic bit.

  2. Also, Breaking Bread is open for 10/29. Anybody want the opportunity to be awesome?!? Sign up on the Q sheet or get in touch with me.

  3. Great route Lab Rat. It was great to see a lot of the gang again. I’ll put some pressure on Wilson to take a ride in the Subaru next time.

  4. https://www.strava.com/activities/1238679206

    Glad I came out this morning – I liked the route and always enjoy running in a pack, especially one that’s chatty and humorous. Happy Birthday Lab Rat! The combination of your birthday and the promise of squat snatches and double unders if I went to the gym swung the needle in the direction of RAMM. It also helps me work towards my goal of being the slowest PAX to post at every AO (give me a year or so…).

    Welcome Ralphie! Not a bad name especially considering that TYA’s suggestion of Lasagna Party had some traction for a minute. I liked that one – lol.

    Sorry to miss the double dog and Sunday Funday this weekend but Cub Scout camping calls. See you fellas next week.

    Shakedown out

  5. I thought you said you wouldnt tell anybody about the squat snatches….last time I trust you with a secret.

    Thanks for the bday (not bidet) wishes.

  6. H-Birthday Lab Rat, and good to see Aisle 5 again.

    Enjoyed the route. Suggestion to use an operating lawn sprinkler for one’s morning douche was classic.

    Saab out