Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Friday the 13th – Death by Main


Lockjaw’s 11 showed for the crisp fall running weather and left with so much more.

  • East on Grove, left on Lafayette to Monument.
  • East on Monument to desired street for turn
    • 4 miles – Boulevard
    • 5 miles – Strawberry
    • 6 miles – Lombardy
  • Take your street south to Main (or Ellwood) and head west to Thompson.
  • Thompson to Grove and back the to VSF

YHC took us out.

Main is a one-way west bound street which means runners always have cars at their backs.  This becomes a harrowing situation for about a mile or so.  Per Lab Rat’s advice, we called an audible and cut over to Cary St for our parallel return route.  Even that route was not without danger as a van hopped the curb and parked in front of us to make deliveries.

Beware Friday the 13th.

Time to Taper,



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  1. Lab Rat, thanks for the running company and running commentary this morning. Helped to push me along.

  2. I will consider my commentary successful when you wear a damn light!

    Great to catch up on all the places you havent lived. Seriously, good talk.

  3. Gomer passed me like I was standing still (which is not to different from my actual running pace these days). Marv was a distant second.

    Too dark to tell you which route I took but I can tell you it was none of the above. Quite nice to catch up to LJ and LR at the end…next time I’m just running with you guys from the start. (Lab Rat was quite slippery by the way….)

  4. Thanks for Q Lockjaw. I like the route down Monument since the center is so comfy and the right turns at well known landmarks are hard to miss. Maybe avoid Main/Cary by heading west from MMES a bit, Monument and then back on Floyd / Grove?

    Great day for a run. Marv ran me fast enough that we couldnt talk very easily.

  5. Gomer Pyle – Main was a bit of an issue. We have a couple of other classic courses hitting the routes you mention. Much more enjoyable without the traffic.