Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Going All Out


A record 24 said no to tapering and showed up for an end of summer Lockjaw run.

Mosey to the TJ track and divide into groups of three with approximate comparable abilities.

As a part of a relay team, everyone completes two 600M runs and six 200M runs.  Focus on speed and form.

Mosey back to the VSF.


BRR talk is in the air.  In one week precisely, the teams will begin the race.  These teams are ready for what’s in store.

Relay running for speed work is a great way to push oneself.  Some of the relay team membership was in flux as we lost our hand off partners and found new ones.  Everyone got a good workout.  You can see the speed demon’s silhouettes from the light of Broad Street.  Impressive.

Everyone seemed to go all out on the last 200M run.  There were pulled hammys and other ailments.  Upchuck converted his Explorer to an impromptu SAG wagon and collected a record number of injured.  Hopefully a little ice will lead to full recovery.

Time to Taper,





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  1. I enjoyed watching many of the pax take off on the 1st 600m like they were racing Usain Bolt for 100m.
    Toucan probably clocked in a 12 second 100, might be what led to the hammy.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning guys – enjoyed it – way to push! Offshore was booking with the light up shoes baby – sweet !
    See y’all in the gloom.

  3. Well done…despite my initial skepticism, not being a sprinter. Good times.

    Somewhere on the calendar…save the date for a second F…Caps hockey vs. somebody TBD.