Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dirty Dozen


The high humidity rendered this group of 12 just plain dirty by the end.

4 Milers – W on Grove to Libbie, to Patterson E, to Malvern S, to Grove W, to SF

5s and 6s – W on Grove to Henri to St Chris to Patterson.  East on Patterson.  5s turn at Malvern to Grove.  6s turn on Nansemond to Grove.  Grove to SF.

It was good to see Aisle 5 today and give him a good ribbing.  A disclaimer should be provided for those American Hammers to prevent injury.

BRR training was in full swing with Aisle 5, Wilson, and Honeymoon.  YHC showed restraint and did not provide guidance on proper taper form.


  • HDHH Wednesday the 12th @ 6pm – The Answer on Broad St
  • Upchuck has a golf tournament in early August.  The 7th perhaps.



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  1. Nice route and great company with Honeymoon today. It was like running in a steamer.

    Special props:
    -To MARV, for banging out 6 solo!
    -to Abacus, for riding to and from the AO!

  2. Great route! It was great getting to know Best Shot during the run! Looks like Honeymoon & I made the right choice to head up to the run as Twin Team looked to be brutal!