Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 CVille is in Good Hands


Two men from Richmond did the last ride down 64 westbound to give it away to our brothers from Charlottesville.  Not to disappoint, 10 strong locals rolled up, including 3 FNG’s.  Here is how things shook out:


  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm Circles
  • LBC’s
  • Merkins


  • Triple Check- teams of 3, one holds plank, one does WW2 Situps, the other runs up a massively steep hill around the maple tree and back down.  Hilarity ensued on the back down part.
  • Suicide Squad-  Mosey to basketball court for suicide, reverse suicide, burpee suicide, and bear crawl suicide.
  • 11’s- run across field to benches, 10 Derkins, back to other side for 1 4-count LBC.  Take one away and add one until reaching 1 derkin and 10 LBC’s.  You know the drill.
  • Pullups and box jumps (by special request)- Partner up, then divide pax in half.  Half the pax does 50 pullups with partner while the other half does box jumps waiting for their turn.  Switcharoo after all pullups are complete.
  • Tunnel of Love-plank up shoulder to shoulder, last man army crawls thru tunnel, then planks at end.  Everybody goes twice.
  • Partner carry- Partner up with a pax member the same size as you, partner carry to far side of field, partners do 5 burpess each, switcharoo to other side, another 5 burpees.
  • Ring of Fire Rosie style- Pax circles up in Al Gore.  First man drops for 10 merkins, then holds plank.  Pass to next man until everybody is in plank.  First man does another 10 merkins, then goes back to Al Gore.  Pass it around until complete.


  • American Hammers


  • YHC took us out, asking for prayers OYO for Cheech, our fallen pax member.
  • YHC also wanted to impress upon pax that this is an open to ALL men group that although usually ends in prayer, is not required.  Recited “the man in the arena” by Theodore Roosevelt.


Lab Rat was very excited to finally get to head up to meet these guys that he had only met thru phone conversations and email correspondence-so excited in fact, that he was up and at ’em at 3 a.m. this morning!  OK, the jet lag and wonky schedule might have assisted as well, but still.  HoneyDo is always a great conversationalist though and the ride flew by.  The Richmond crew arrived in plenty of time to plant a flag and check out the AO ahead of the pax.  There was NO WAY we werent running that hill today!

YHC was primarily concerned with giving some of the pax members practice in cadence calling, then giving them routines that would be easy to remember going forward….things they have probably seen already in some fashion.  Triple checks, 11’s, suicides are staples in the RVA and seems to work for us.  I am sure that the CVIlle pax will come up with their own flair going forward, but hopefully they have a base to pull from.

Lab Rat was looking around before taking off today and was amazed that he was the most out of shape guy there.  HoneyDo’s comment was “where are all the fat guys?”

Hampton Roads can keep their “Sunny and 75”, ’cause that’s  what it was today and it was ROUGH.  YHC took an unprecedented for F3 1-minute water break so that we didnt lose anybody today.  The pax worked hard though  and there are some seriously in-shape dudes at CVille!  One other impressive feature of the guys that were present this morning was their enthusiasm for F3 in such a short time.  Yessir, F3 CVille is in good hands.

Apology of the week goes to Buck3 and whomever the other guy was that totally ate it coming off that hill today.  It was funny as hell, and I apologize for laughing my ass off right in front of you.

Guys, it has been a true pleasure getting this going and I am SO HAPPY to see the quality of men that have gathered on that field the last few weeks.  I hope that you will develop the same bonds that I have been able to form over my time in F3……and that, my friends, is why we “give it away”.  Best of luck to you all, and I look forward to our next chance to meet.


Lab Rat apologizes.




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    That was a hot one. The drive was worth to help name FNG Hot Lips, might be the best FNG name this year.