Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



West on Grove and take a left on Wilton.

Wilton to the end at historic Wilton House.

Double back and take a right on Kenmore.

Left on Ampthill and cross Cary where it becomes Stratford Crescent.

Cross Cary again onto Hillcrest.  Take West Hillcrest and briefly up East Hillcrest with a right on Charmian.

Charmian turns into Westmoreland Place.  4 milers continue on as the road turns to Locke Lane and take it to Grove and home to the SF.

5s and 6s break through the tree line and merge onto Dover.

Dover a ways and a left on Banbury.

Banbury to Cary.  Cary to Malvern.  Malvern to Grove and home to the SF for 5s.

6s continue down Malvern to Patterson.  West on Patterson to Westmoreland and back to the SF.


I think only four people covered the actual route as described, but all put in some good miles.  Lot’s of turns today.  Speaking of turns, Wilton House was featured in the TV show “Turn”, which is one of YHC’s shows of interest.  Today’s route will be named “Setauket” in honor of the home of the Culper Sky Ring on Long Island.




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  1. YHC should look for Abacus in several of season 3s episodes… Looking forward to this week. Be ready to roll at 530 sharp!