Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Free Four


A clean dozen showed today for high visibility and low humidity run.

East on Grove to Sauer; Take Sauer to Monument and head east.  4s turn around at Boulevard, 5s at Alison, and 6s at Lombardy (Stuart Circle) for an out and back.

YHC took us out, keeping in mind what is important in celebration of Memorial Day and also closed with some obscure Pink Floyd to remind us to go forward and be our best.  These are the days we will look back on.

“The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.”

Good running condition with equal part 6 milers, 5 milers, 4 milers, and bikers.  Everyone had someone to run with.

YHC has a custom of naming his routes, at least the classic ones such as Haiku and Carillon.  Typically, Marv will provide a prerun critique of the course such as “out and back – too simple”, “too many turns – too complex”, or “people were shot there recently”.  YHC finally laid a route that met Marv’s seal of approval.  So going forward this route will be called #42, paying deference not only to Marv, but the Dave Matthews song-naming style of which Lockjaw is a fan.



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  1. No Tools – I correct myself. It wasn’t from Atom Heart Mother, rather Free Four is from Obscured by Clouds.

  2. Best take-out quote ever…followed by a humorous realization that it was a line from a Pink Floyd song. Lockjaw offers endless entertainment and creative routes.