Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

April Showers Bring Old Glory Flowers


7 Hungry PAX Members woke up from their winter naps to post on this wet but sunny and 70 morning for the Spring edition of “Old Glory” in DaVille


Old Glory
1 mile run in front of the schools, across the school bus parking lot to the track and around to the back side of the school to the field next to the HS teacher’s lot.

Complete as many laps in 30 minutes with the follow exercises:

  • 1st Corner – 20 Merkins
  • 2nd Corner – 20 Jump Squarts
  • 3rd Corner – 20 Burpees
  • 4th Corner – 20 WWII Sit ups

Mosey Fun Run back to front parking lot. Each PAX member grabs the SF and mosey on.

2 Minutes of Mary – Plank Style

Plank Jacks IC
Up & Down Planks IC
Elbow Planks (1 min)

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.


With the weather being the way it was YHC was interested to see who were show up. As the regulars came rolling in, YHC was happy to not have to do this alone.

YHC had lead the first “Old Glory” of year back in Jan when it was cold and wet. Maybe a pattern as begun (well in Circle K’s mind at least)

Mumble Chatter was centered around the races come up this weekend and next month (Colonial 70, Filthy 5k Mud Run, and Bust the Banks Trail Half) that DaVille PAX members were participating in.

The PAX push through it today with the “needle” rain coming down. Each member completed atleast 5 laps of “Old Glory”.

Glad to see Sturgeon back in the PAX. Way to crush it today.


  • Ashcreek 5k May 20th. Sign up at and use promo code EARTHDAY for $5 off before the 29th. Use team name “F3RVA” when signing up. 5k is a 8am and Kid’s Fun Run is at 9am. F3 will have a booth. Come out and help spread the word in the community!
  • Circle K shared with the weather getting warm it’s great to remind some PAX’s members about coming out
  • Good Luck to those running in the Ragnar Richmond, Colonial 70 this weekend!
  • Those that want to track their “Old Glory” workouts, here is the link:




  1. Great way to start the day Spit. Old Glory in the rain is the only way to Old Glory. Great work by all through the adverse conditions.

  2. Lab Rat, this workout would have sufficed – plenty of running. Old Glory always demolishes me. I was drooling and panting after the 2nd round. Thanks for Q’ing and pushing (pulling?) us through, Spit. You and Circle K crushed it.