Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Car Bombs


17 of Friday’s Finest and 1 FNG showed up for some miles, but left with so much more.  YHC switched things up today with a scavenger hunt with a St.  Paddy’s Day theme.

Pax divided into Team Honey Do and Team Sippy Cup.  Each team was given their clues and they needed to map the most efficient route to the way point, find the prize, perform an exercise, and move on.  First team back to the shovel flag with all four prizes and all of their team wins.

Clues were provided to mask the location, but here is where we ended up going.

Entrance of Windsor Farm – Secure a Legend pint glass.  Perform 4 Boo-Yah merkins for each member of the team.

Head to the Civil War embankment take the trenches and the hill.  Fine the Guinness by the cannon.  5 burpees.

Stellas – Bailey’s – 40 flutter kicks

Arthur Ashe Statue – Jameson – 20 American Hammers

Return to the AO with varying mileages.  The other team did the same route, but in the opposite direction.

Team Honey Do was victorious today finding all ingredients necessary for the Irish Car Bomb.

Fudd was Team Honey Do’s MVP.  He had an ability to sniff out liquor like a truffle at distance.  It was remarkable.

Saab was so overwhelmed with the desire for Guinness that he took both team’s stash.  Regretfully, he had to double back and put it back in its place for the other team.

FNG Tim was originally named Lulu due to his TYA endorsed tights.  After his departure, we renamed him Spanx.  Hopefully we will see him out here again.

YHC got the Pax off to a good start for St Paddy’s Day.  Enjoy!




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  1. Spanx is a gloriously mean name! Welcome Spanx! Sorry to miss it, needed some sleep. Lunch time run, anybody?

  2. Many thanks to our trusty leader Sippy who made certain we made all our marks, and thanks to Splinter for having my back as I returned the purloined Guinness to its original resting place…

    We were discussing how the creativity of your Q today Lockjaw was an indication that either you have way too much free time, or have Q’d so long you are truly stretching your creative boundaries to new levels…nicely done.

  3. Let’s go with the latter. If someone signed you up for a four month tour of leading a kettle bell workout, I think we would see some creativity come out there as well. Now there’s an idea! “Saabs tour with the Circus”.

  4. I think it’s spelled Cah Bahm!!! Ask TYA or Singer for the appropriate beantown phonetic spelling.

    Nice creativity Lockjaw.

  5. I would be happy to see “Saab visits the Circus”.
    Nice creativity Lockjaw, sorry I missed it. I took Honeymoon on a tour of the RiverRun hills in scouting a new Southside run AO.

  6. Yes Kudos to Fudd, between Upchuck and I who only last weekend on an out&back run and Swirly in Windsor Farms on our team, had us back first. Thanks for the setup and Booze Lockjaw.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Very well done Lockjaw!
    Spanx – freaken awesome ……
    See y’all in the gloom..

  8. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    I didn’t think we’d hit the mileage with the shenanigans, but turns out these boys can run. Pucker and I were sprinting the whole way and still were at least a half mile behind. Fun run, LJ!

  9. Awesome RAMM workout Lockjaw! Great ingenuity. When we split into groups and Sippy Cupp, Sabb, and Splinter all went to the other side, I thought…..”Well, I guess we’re losing this one.” Much to my surprise, we had to wait for at least 5 minutes at the shovel flag for their group to appear. And arrive they did, with BT and Pucker looking like they were about to hurl. Good lesson that the fastest legs don’t always win the race. 😉

  10. I couldn’t agree more…those that win the race are the ones who run with the same individual who designed the route 😉