Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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17 Rolled in for a Spring Time Run/Bike in Winter

Today we did the reverse route of the February 4 CCV/UR route.  Continuing the haiku theme:

This time in reverse
Down and back up in darkness
Found a new classic

Marv took us out.



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  1. That was a great route today. I had a mentally tough week, and was planning on sleeping in this morning. Glad I got up, it turned out to be the best run I have had in a while. That hill coming back up was awesome.

    Lockjaw, you are the king of the running routes!

  2. Good route Lockjaw. I haven’t had the pleasure of those hills before, Sippy kept warning us there was more to come. Thanks for the push and pacing Phonics.

  3. GREAT Route and what a perfect morning for a run. Thanks for setting the pace and pulling me along Honeymoon (and LaBrat at the end).

    Swirly – I hope the ankle is ok and doesn’t keep you down for long (I know it won’t).

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Advil and Ice are in place – planning on being @ Dogpile in the gloom !!! Thanks for checking on me and for waiting on me to hobble my butt to the flag.. Big thanks to Labrat for driving back to pick me up – but there was no way in hell I wasn’t finishing – after I fell in that hole I walked for a minute and then said to myself (what the hell do you think your doing – you push through this you softly) so I half jogged/limped my way back – you know it’s not good when a woman asked me if I was ok – glad I had practice hopping on one leg from yesterdays workout – came in handy today! See y’all in the gloom…

  5. Great route today Lockjaw! Really enjoyed the run. Thank you Rosie for pushing me at the end and for Sippy Cup and Marv for leading the way and getting me up the hill.

  6. Bleeder/No Tools/Ricky Bobby…great ride today for my F3 RAMM Gears Virgin ride. Nice to join you all, and thanks for arranging the amazing moon over the city. Well done.