Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Storming The Fort


11 runners and 2 bikers came out for another installment of Friday’s RAMM

Number off by 1s and 2s and form two columns as we mosey as a group into Windsor Farms.  Upon entering the greens, partner up and perform the following:

4 partner burpees (each)


8 Boo-Yah Merkins


Elbow Plank

The Pax converges and goes deeper into Windsor Farms.  When we got to the Civil War earthworks, we stormed up and over into the trench, performed 5 burpees, and bear crawl/crawl bear out the other side of the trench.

A nice Mosey down Sulgrave to Queen Charlotte and over to Portland.  Partner up with someone your own size for partner carries up the hill.  Three rounds with the following exercises:

Round 1 – 10 hand release Merkins

Round 2 – 25 PLT

Round 3 – 40 LBC

Mosey on to Cary St and circle up in the thick grass triangle.

10 APD and 21 American Hammers IC.  Hot potato to Swirly for Flutter Kicks and hot potato to Sippy for elbow plank walks.

Run home using Cary to Malvern to Grove.

YHC took us out.

Since we were doing a boot camp with a run tomorrow, I figured we should taper a little and intersperse our run with a boot camp today.  Lot’s of options back in the neighborhood to switch it up a bit as we took in the sights.


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  1. Nice change up Lockjaw…the taper you describe above came as a complete surprise.

    Partner carries with TYA was quite an experience. His legs were wrapped around me so tight, I think the man could scale a full grown palm tree with his hands behind his back.

  2. Nice work Lockjaw. I enjoyed the history lesson.

    Taxicab – thanks for hanging back with me when I tapered. Sorry to slow you down, but I appreciate the comradery!

  3. Hope your knee isn’t too bad there Ronnie…you were limping along there just like old Saab is prone to do from time to time.

  4. Thanks, I’ll be fine. More annoyed with it than anything else. I’m only 40 for crying out loud.