Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Freaky Fast


10 runners and 3 gear heads emerged from the fartsack this morning for a morning of exercise. Drizzling and cool to start out, perfect weather for outdoor frolicking.

The Thang

4 milers, right on Grove, left on Malvern, left on Patterson, left on Libbie, left on Grove, back to the flag.  5 milers, right on Grove, left on Malvern, left on Patterson, left on St. Christophers, left on 3 chopt, left on grove, back to the shovel flag.   6 milers, right on Grove, left on Nansemond, left on Patterson, left on St. Christophers, left on 3 chopt, left on grove, back to the shovel flag.  Gear heads went for  ride of many turns and varied terrain.

No confusion on who was supposed to Q today.  TYA was the man.  Marv had to take a rain check until next week (so next week we will be on Monument with Marv) because his M was out of town, so YHC stepped to the plate.  I did throw a little hitch into the game by selecting a route that had us leave Grove avenue. We went on my favorite loop, navigating around St;. Chris’s.  That made Lab Rat happy as he was hoping for that route.

Scanning the crowd pre-run, I was not sure I was going to have to give the 6 mile directions.  At the last minute Rosie and Sippy Cup posted, so the 6 mile route was in play.  Those guys were flying as they passed me on the way back to the flag along Grove avenue.  Just as they were passing me, they got passed by a faster runner.  He was flying down Grove, hitting a pace that I could not hit in the 1/4 mile (or 100 yard dash for that matter).  That dude must have worked at Jimmy John’s.

Swirly also opted too the 6 mile loop.  When he was not back at 622, we had to send Bleeder out to find him.  The PAX all agreed that it was way more likely that Swirly was lost versus any other reason for his absence.  Bleeder found him on track a few minutes down the road.

Five milers were led by Lab Rat and Back Bay.  Not sure that Back Bay had planned on listening to the radio this morning – WRAT – but given the pairing, I am sure that station was playing loudly.  Lockjaw and Upchuck were trotting right along.  YHC was in their slipstream for the first half of the run, listening to the mumble chatter until i fell back a little on the way back in.  Tu-can and Lug made the 4 mile loop look like a 1/4 mile track.  Those two look nearly ready to move up to the longer distances.


Convergence coming up sometime soon…not sure when.  Invite as many people as possible.  It will be an epic beatdown.  Two years and rolling for F3 RVA.  Making the community and the men of RVA better everyday.

If you want to run some trails, Bear Creek and Belmonte are coming up


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  1. For the record, Back Bay and I enjoyed a relatively quiet run, while Lockjaw and Upchuck sounded like a couple of old hens when we passed by them. Seriously, who can run with all that jabber-jawing!

  2. Thank you, Mr. Pot, for your insights. Just two PAX combining first F and second F. Very efficient use of our time, thank you very much.

    Mr. Kettle, out.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great run guys (love that route TYA) – apologize for holding everybody up – speed is not one of my gifts…
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. Can confirm. Since I’m only able to hang with Lab Rat for the first mile and a half or so, I eventually lost the signal entirely.