Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just because its familiar doesn’t mean it’s not good


11 strong posted for a morning run in RVA. Weather was glorious. Cannot ask for a better day to run, mid 60’s and a bit overcast.

The Thang.

Grove avenue jaunt. Right on Grove, 4 milers turn at Malvern, 5 milers turn at Roseneath, and 6 milers at The Boulevard. run all the way to three chops, turn around and meet back at the shovel flag.


Marv gave me kudos for my creativity on the route today, asking if I stayed up all night to map it out. The choice of the route today was selfish, not because I did not want to figure out another route, but because I wanted to get back in a familiar running groove. I have been struggling to get in a comfortable running rhythm for a couple of months and thought the familiarity of Grove would do the trick. It indeed did work. The other reason I wanted to do Grove was because we were less than a week out from the BRR. Two things on that: first, it is a relatively flat/easy route and I thought the PAX could use a break. Second, doing this route post BRR shows you how what you thought used to be a hill (coming up to malvern or libbie) is just merely a slight change in elevation.

Saab ran along side of me for the first 2/3 of the run today. He was conveying the plans for the cloud splitter race that he has coming up in a few weeks. If he is not ready, it is impossible to prepare. He has put in a ton of work and has a great plan. Now it is just about execution, work the plan and listen to your body. The rest will happen. All of the RVA PAX will be with you out on the trail. Take strength in knowing that you have done all you can do to prepare and now you will reap the rewards.

Lug is on fire post BRR. The dude is pumped about running, an activity that he has reluctantly done over the past couple years. He keeps mentioning races to do and his desire to do them, and he has even picked out what legs he wants to do on the BRR next year. Today he did is run averaging1 minute per mile less than he did a year ago today. That is progress (and a ton of hard work). Way to go lug….

Swirly told me he was going to take it easy today and then went out and scorched the route, averaging 815 miles. For a dude that had not run a 10K a year ago, he is a runner now. Toga was on the route today getting ready for the spartan next week. He looks ready. BT was taking a page out of Lockjaw’s book and tapering today. Toga was also thankful today that Lab Rat wore a shirt for the running (as were the rest of us). Ricky Bobby joined in on the run today as he was the only Gear head in town. Toucan joined the run and ran at pretty good clip. Back Bay and Upchuck were moving right along, trying to keep pace with Swirly.


Reesestrong 5k tomorrow. Come on out if you can

Spartan and bike ride next week.

Convergence on the 8th…see Swirly for details

Bear Creek 10 miler on 12/4. Fills up early so sign up now.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great work gents… Rhythm came back to me today. Felt good for a change. We are now into great running weather, take advantage.

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Tapering indeed! Really, I was just feeding coffee to the sad clowns lined up for the new iPhone. And besides, I’m told it’s just a little “power hike.”

  3. Great work to Lug Nut for banging out weeks of miles to get here! You deserve all the tclaps of the day!

    It is pretty obvious that I can no longer come to a workout “under the radar”. I wear a shirt, it makes headlines…I dont wear a shirt, “Oh the humanity!” I blame Toga.

    Way to push it, Toucan! Keep working like you did today, you will reach….exceed your goal! Hard work pays dividends, and you are on the right track!

    Hope the strain lightens up, Saab. Think healthy thoughts!

  4. This group just keeps getting better. Well done. Bummed I had to miss the run – had to get Gabby to field day by 7 am. Running 3 miles on a treadmill after running the BRR is well…just boring! See ya fellas in the gloom soon!

  5. How about Toucan sprinting down the hill east of Libbie? Wow – talk about pushing it hard. Great work this morning.

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB and good call on the route TYA.. Glad you were able to get in the groove buddy – looked good out there dude!
    Saab – just know this you are indeed ready, we are all extremely proud of you and we will all be with you in spirit bro!
    Lugnut has the bug and I love it – way to work man – excellent pace out there today – keep crushing it brother.
    TwoCan – it’s not like the bird guys it’s for double fisting cold beers at the pool …. Way to push it buddy – I know you are working hard towards a goal and you will reach it with that attitude and effort – great job man.
    What a beautiful morning for a run with friends… Come on out for a Swirly Q in the morning followed by the Reese strong run…

  7. Old Wilson- #runningsucks; I hate running; Fridays are the worst; I wear 2 shirts so I dont have to run as far

    Post BRR Wilson- Dang, hated to miss the run this morning! Running is awesome! When’s the next race! #treadmillssuck

    Wilson, now that you are a converted runner, we are going to start working on your beer selection.

  8. Just went in to check the contact list, and he is not listed. Therefore it is up for grabs. I hate to go against corporate, but my vote is to spell it like the bird, but keep the “two can” backdrop. IMO, the best names require a little explaining. Who named him?

  9. Toga named him, but I honestly can’t remember how we originally spelled it. I’ll let someone else sift through the backblast archives. I also hate to say it, but I agree with Lab Rat. It’s more interesting to go with the bird and then explain it.

    Thanks for leading TYA.

  10. TwoCan was flying today, great job! Basically a 2 mile sprint, then intervals back to the shovel flag. You will reach your goal, keep digging.

  11. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I don’t care how it’s spelled really just that we understand why his name is what it is which has nothing to do with the damn bird… Think Fudd was invloved in the naming as well if I recall correctly..

  12. Great recap TYA. As we called out our respective handles this morning, I felt a huge amount of pride in being part of such a great team and stand-up group of guys. Continually impressed how we all show up and work to challenge ourselves. I use to just focus on the “end” – and getting the run done…I now appreciate the getting-there…thanks to my F3 brethren.

    Look forward to Saturday

  13. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    I’ was the q today, so I can spell it any damn way I please (correctly or not) Today it’s toucan. Tomorrow swirly gets to decide

  14. Gotta love you some Lab Rat! Let’s not go too far. Running still sucks, but I am venturing out more after sunset……in a long sleeve shirt!