Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sharks and Minnows


YHC thought the proper way to say goodbye to summer was with a festive game of sharks and minnows.

4 Rules to the Game:
-Partner up – run with your partner
-Movement can only be forward, no U-turns.
-Turns at intersections.
-Stay between Malvern and Westmoreland, and Grove and Patterson.

Rosie and Sippy were volunteered as the sharks giving the Pax a head start as the sharks circle the school block.

The shark attack commenced with speed and agility with all Pax converted to sharks by the end.

YHC enjoyed conversation with BT while covering the game area.

BRR – less than a week away!


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  1. Still not certain whether I ended the run as a minnow, shark, or something else. Enjoyed my “matrix-run” with Trophy, Circle K and TYA – whom I officially recruited (I think) to join Team-Saab in October.