Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Laps in Windsor Farms


18 Faithful gathered at MM for a pre-BRR run (or bike).

The THANG. Everyone mosey to the corner of Belgrade and Cambridge. Run on Cambridge and then around the oval loop back to the start. Split into groups based on pace. At random intervals, one runner in the group will do a ~1 min fartlek while the rest of the PAX will try to keep up. Keep running loops until the time is up (Most everyone did 3 loops). Mosey back to flag.



YHC was looking for some new routes from our AO, when he noticed that there was a nearly perfect 1.5 mi oval in Windsor Farms very close by, so he decided to give it a go. YHC reasoned that there would also be very little traffic on the oval (more on that later), so we could all focus on our running without interruption. YHC apologizes for forgetting to include the mileage to/from the oval in my calculations, so the run was a bit long.

YHC, Marv and Copernicus ran together and averaged about 2 fartleks per lap, which was about all we could handle. YHC and Marv are all elbows and knees during the fast paced sections, but Copernicus doesn’t even look like he is running fast when he’s doing a sub 7 pace–the guy can glide!
Consensus was that this was a tough workout. Honeydo mentioned that the 1.5 mi lap had magically grown in distance with each successive circuit. Kind of like the 3rd or 4th leg of the BRR!

As expected there was almost no traffic, with only one car spotted during the circuit. Who knew that said driver would be looking for a fight! As the vehicle approached YHC, Marv, and Copernicus, we all slowed down and moved to the side of the street to let him pass. Unfortunately, the driver was not very happy about meeting runners on the road, and slowed down to engage with us. Marv eventually told the driver to move on. At this point he went from mad to furious, and stepped on the gas, screeching the tires. Seriously! Eventually he moved on, but not before more insults. It’s sad when conscientiousness is met with rage.

Great running by the PAX today. I always appreciate the fellowship and good attitudes we bring to each workout.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run this am. Bizarre pulling in and not seeing swirlys vehicle. Hopefully that was Summer’s last hurrah this am.

    Glad that bleeders neighbors were happy to see us. We should post over there more often!!!

  2. Creative route/plan Sippy, your RAMM Qs aleads have a wrinkle. Strong looking group this am, we’re ready for the BRR.