Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You know you should look both ways before turning, right?


13 runners and 2 bikers posted on a clear but humid morning for a run or ride.

Head east on Grove, right on Thompson, east on Ellwood to Main, return on Cary to Thompson back to Grove.  Four milers turn on Robinson, five milers turn on Meadow, six milers turn on Morris.

This was one of YHC’s old training routes because of the long stretches of streets with sidewalks, and was happy to be running it with the PAX.  YHC would struggle to resist the urge to throw in the towel and grab a burger and beer at one of the many eating establishments along the way.  Carytown cleans itself up nicely in the morning, and tempting smells did not seem to be an issue.

Every street sign on Ellwood/Main was turned, twisted, or otherwise vandalized, making the turnaround difficult.  Props to LugNut for adding some extra mileage because of the jacked up signs, and making his way back right at 6:15.  Sippy and Marv were the only six milers this morning.

There was more traffic than expected on Main and Cary.  UpChuck, one of few PAX properly dressed for a run in the dark, was ready with driving tips for the cars we passed.

Genny Light almost earned his first LIFO trophy, showing up late but then finishing first among the five milers.  Aisle 5 snatched the honors away, arriving after the PAX had left and running an alternate route.  So Genny Light gets the STLIFO (second-to-LIFO) award.  It turns out that he initially posted to the location on our map – there are different locations for RAMM and RAMM gears.  Can tech services look into that?


  • Fudd needs to go to the bathroom.
  • LugNut announced a second RiverRun on Monday evening at 7:30pm.
  • No Tools is mountain biking at Pocohontas tomorrow at 0700 or 0800 and looking for additional riders.
  • YHC has an anniversary Q at The Punisher on Monday.
  • YHC is organizing an F3 team for a Family Fun bike ride (10 or 20 mi) benefitting the American Diabetes Association: http://main.diabetes.org/site/TR?team_id=728706&fr_id=11465&pg=team on September 24th.  Registration is $20.  YHC pledges to satisfy the fundraising requirements for all F3 Richmond members, Ms, and 2.0s, though additional fundraising is most welcome.  With the release of the Panama papers, its time to empty some Offshore accounts.
  • Toga is recruiting participants for the Spartan Run at Wintergreen, also on September 24th.  YHC’s feelings will only be hurt if you don’t participate in either of our events.
  • YHC just registered for ReeseStrong 5k, and is pumped about it.



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  1. Great run this morning gents. Enjoyed running with UpChuck and Back Bay after the rest of the five-mile crew left us in the dust.

  2. LIFO – Last in first out, aren’t we talking about Last out, first in?

    Strong running crew this morning. Strange how different the city is to us southern folk in the early morning gloom. Traffic and cross streets still drive me to the trails over road running but I enjoyed the camaraderie.


  3. Nice route Offshore, too many turns for Swirly to keep track of, but Carytown at 6 am is pretty cool. Good to meet Genny Light and without Lab Rat to contest today guess that name will stick for good.

  4. Running through Carytown brought back fond memories of our New Year’s day (6am) route.

    Helpful to know UpChuck made the statement regarding looking both ways – and not the driver in the van. I hereby rescind my “what a d*!%” comment.

    Saab out

  5. 3 points:

    1) LIFO is awarded to anyone whether they arrive late or leave early. It does not have to make sense, as many traditions dont (e.g. Hiding eggs at Easter, and there is a bunny?).

    2) Lab Rat is o.k. with Genny Light….losing and being right gives him more fodder for endless ranting.

    3) Sorry to miss this morning, but I needed a smartsack…my 2.3 wants to get in on the action up at Gridiron.

    Other than that, well done!