Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oh the humanity!!!


15 faithful posted for a morning workout. 2 headed out on the bikes and 13 on the run.

The Thang:

4 miles: Grove to Left on Malvern, Left on Patterson, Left on Libbie, back to the shovel flag
5 miles: Grove to Left on Malvern, Left on Patterson, Left on St. Christopher’s, Left on access road, Left on Libbie, back to the shovel flag
6 miles: Grove to Left on Nansemond, Left on Patterson, Left on St. Christopher’s, Left on access road, Left on Libbie, back to the shovel flag
Bikes: Over nickel bridge, to Belle Isle, cross over to north side on pedestrian bridge, back to Libbie


The run is certainly in transition these days. A third of the PAX opted for the 6 mile loop (Saab, Marv, Copernicus and Offshore). They were cranking this morning. Easily making the 6 mile loop in the 45 minutes. The rest headed out on the 5 mile loop. Swirly was on fire this morning leading the PAX. Abacus, BT and Fudd were right behind him tracking him down (not sure if anyone caught him). A little further back were Lab Rat and Tramp Stamp. Both TYA and Wilson were trying to hang on with Lab Rat and Tramp Stamp. The scream, on his first day back opted for the four mile loop and performed well. We are certainly a much faster and fitter group of runners from where we started. Having said all that, any level of runner is welcomed and encouraged to join. Our first run was a 3.6 mile loop that we could barely make in 45 minutes. Great work and growth folks.

Lot of mumble chatter on attire today. YHC donned, for the second time, his blue shorts. When The scream arrived, he quickly asked me “Going for a swim today”. BT pointed out that the shorts extended almost past my knees (didnt know that was an issue). Lab Rat’s outfit was, lets just say inappropriate. When I was passing some tomatoes on the run today, I heard them comment on Lab Rat with the backblast title. I could not disagree with them. My whole run I was trying to divert my eyes from Lab Rat’s attire, or lack there of. As Fudd so eloquently stated “you wear clothes in respect of the other runners”.

Lots of second F for the PAX today. Several of the group hung out in the parking lot past 7 am. More than a few of the PAX were planning on a day off or half day off today.

Enjoy your weekends gents. See you in the Gloom.

TYA out


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great BB TYA !
    Yep Abacus passed me with ease and Fudd did as well although I did be best to stay on Fudd’s heels..
    Way to push it today guys – as TYA mentioned we have all indeed come along way – keep pushing – you have more 🙂
    As always I enjoyed the 2nd F and look forward to seeing all of you in the gloom…

  2. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    It’s a good thing when the second F lasts longer than the first F, right? Fudd and Swirly dropped me like a bad habit today. Way to push, fellas. And it’s awesome to have The Scream back!

  3. Glad I woke up and got out to run. Always enjoy the run…..when its over! Never a good thing when you look back in the last .5 mile and hear food steps. Saab and crew flew by me and I even had pockets. Next week I plan on not getting caught! Nice job fellas!

  4. Damn, sorry to offend…really? Really? REALLY?!?

    To quote the movie The Gladiator, “the mob is fickle, brother”.

    I promise to wear a shirt to Dogpile, but I aint wearing one on the trails!

  5. Was pondering just 5 today, so thanks to Marv, Offshore, and Copernicus for making me strive for a little more.

    If TYA had dropped the shirt he would have been officially adorned in “all blue”…alas

    If Wilson would just drop the double-layer long sleeve, and try a light short sleeve for once, I’m sure magical things would happen.

    On the bright side, at least Lab Rat kept his pants on.

    That concludes my fashion advice.

  6. Sorry Saab, as Swirly called out this week I have many unbreakable issues. Double long sleeve is one of them! Maybe I should break out the sweat pants? With pockets of course!