Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stroll to Dogpile


14 runners and bikers enjoyed a great morning on the town

The Thang:
Head east on Grove.

At the Boulevard, 4 milers take a left and go to Monument. Left on Monument, left on Westmoreland and back to the SF.

5 and 6 milers instead take a right on Boulevard and head south. Boulevard turns into Blanton. Take Blanton right up to the front of the Carillon – up the steps, across the promenade, and back down the steps.

Outbound on Blanton, left on Douglasdale. Go across the highway and a right on Portland. Take Portland to the end and dogleg through Windsor Farms.

Cary to Malvern and head north on Malvern. 5 milers take a left and head back on Grove to the SF.

6 milers continue North on Malvern to Patterson. Left on Patterson, left on Westmoreland, and back to the SF.

Marv took us out inspirationally as always.

Testimonial of F3 – YHC runs further, faster and with deeper meaning with the Pax than on his own. The 5 milers took turns pushing the pace with Swirly cranking it up on the last stretch. Good conversations with all and I got to know Mr. Rodgers better.

Saab ran to the workout, ran the 6 miles, and ran home. YHC was on the lookout for a broken down Saab on the side of the road. Driving home, I did overtake him about a mile and a half from the AO still going strong and perhaps even at a faster pace. Well done Saab!

HDHH next Wednesday. Let Flashdance know if you are going so he can get a headcount.

See TYA for one of a few limited edition BRR spots remaining.


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  1. Great route Lockjaw. Propose it become part of the regular rotation. Shout out to Sippy as well, who I believe also ran to the AO.

  2. Sounds like a great route. Hated to miss it, but I was running on empty and needed some time in the fartsack.