Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

She’s baaaaaaack….


Old Glory, you evil temptress!  14 Faithful gathered for the first 2016 edition of #OldGlory at #NoToll. Mother Nature has not quite given us the pass on cold starts in the Gloom, but the PAX welcomed it with open arms, and quick feet.


Mosey from the front parking lot with shovel flag to the front soccer field. Plant Old Glory in the field nearest the parking area. Disclaimer and a quick 1 mile run (2 laps of complex). Plank to regroup and run loops around the AO with 4 exercise stations at the corners:

Station 1: Merkins (American style push-ups) x 20
Station 2: Jump Squats x 20
Station 3: Burpees x 10
Station 4: WWII Situps x 20

Complete as many loops as possible in 20 minutes then gather to run another mile around AO at and the leader carrying Old Glory the first lap, and others stepping up to carry Old Glory when and if they catch the leader.

End 3 MOM:  Freddie Mercury x 20, American Hammers x 19

Mosey back to front parking lot with Shovel Flag for COT. YHC took us out.


It’s been 3 and a half months since the last Old Glory, so we were due.  Also, we have been on creativity overload as of late, so plain jane was the flavor of the day.  YHC had apparently forgotten how challenging it can be, especially the running-after-burpees part, and was breathing way harder than usual.  Swirly and Rosie set the pace early, and Splinter kept his pace and finished near the top, keeping his tights adequately covered unlike others who were absent and will remain nameless.  EF Hutton, sans wheezing from last time, had a strong showing as well.  The first line of the BB started “14 Faithful resisted the urge for coffee and donuts at the Circle K to embark on an Old Glory beatdown…”  but YHC didn’t think that would be brotherly (nor EF Hutton-approved), and the BB for Daville proves that some real work went down this morning.  Well done, boys!

HoneyDo, fresh off of the Nor’easter Half at the Beach, seemed to be no worse for wear as he clicked off the 3.8 mile course at an admirable clip, a good addition for those doing the 100 mile challenge.  DK himself was back from a trip to the beach, however it involved many meals (not miles) deep-fried and accompanied with fine inebriants, and hopefully no wooden spoons.  Nothing like Old Glory to welcome one back from a weekend of debauchery!  YHC monkeyed up the recorder and didn’t get everyone’s lap totals, so if you don’t mind, add your totals in the comments and I will get them added to J’ville’s document, which is here.  As far as YHC knows, this workout and BB has been Corporate approved.

All jokes aside, having 27 mean working two AO’s this morning is AWESOME with a Capital A, baby!  But, YHC did miss you fellas at DaVille.  It’s not quite the same without the whole gang of loudmouths together.  Grateful for the opportunity to lead you this morning, men!




W-Dog starts next Wednesday, April 6.

HDHH at Elwoods 5-7 on April 20.

Not sure who has SOT, but Toga has 45MOM on Thursday.

Get your easter baskets now and don’t wait until the last minute or your kids will think you are LAME.

Loose Goose will chop down your trees for a fee (payable in Burpees) and a smile.  Call him!





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  1. I’m still trying to catch my breath. For some reason that was extra hard this morning. Glad to see old glory back in the mix. Can’t wait for the next iteration!

    Rosie tried to take the flag from me at the end. Just saying…

  2. Way to push us BT. Finished 3.75 laps less 3 burpees. Don’t worry i did those 3 in my office just now. Good enough, right?

  3. Glad you brought that back BT. Apparently Splinter had enough breath to hold me off with the flag. Way to push.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Tights and loudmouths? Who could you be talking about.

    Missed you guys this am, although I always bellyache about old glory, it is a classic beat down. Well done gents… See you in the gloom

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    P.s. Love the throwback comment to the wooden spoon. BT backblasts are always packed with subtle and not so subtle humor

  6. Honey Do RVA on

    3.75 laps for me, glad to have Old Glory back in the rotation after her absence. But why the hate directed to overly creative Qs?

  7. Nice work gents. Seems like both groups of F3RVA were gasping for air this morning. Great to have 27 F3RVA men working on improving themselves at the same time.

  8. I got sidetracked with missing the lap totals and forgot the thing I wanted to mention most. 4 months ago, Flashdance posted with F3 for the first time. Lucky for him, it was an Old Glory day. Yesterday he completed 2 more laps of Old Glory than he did that first day. Solid performance, my man. I see you working!

  9. That was painful but, I could semi function the rest of the day this time around!! Thanks for the great q BT!!!