Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How powerful is Corporate?


A pax of 1 posted in VA Beach for the Shamrock half marathon. Conditions at the start were 43, pouring rain, and wind gusts up to 40 mph.

Run 1 mile, repeato x 13.1


YHC was rightfully called out for missing do Dogpile yesterday. Little did YHC know what a mistake that was. When YHC went to bed last night the weather report was cloudy but no rain between 7-10, right on the race window. YHC went to beat dreaming of a PR and good race conditions.

When YHC awoke and saw the rain pouring down he only had one thought- this is Corporate ‘s doing! From the start through mile 7 it poured while the wind gusted strongly. That was a lot of time for YHC to consider  how Swirly could dial up a storm from over a 100 miles away…

YHC gave up on his anticipated time and living up to his name ran with his M per her request. Luckily at mile 9 YHC was released to turn it loose and run the last 4 miles in hard. The only benefit of the race was 13 miles toward the March running challenge and a good suckfest of a run like this is ideal BRR practice, Aye!




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  1. Seems as though you received the rain we didn’t. Well done Honey Do. You are leading the pack in miles this month for good reason. Nicely done!

  2. Well done Honey Do! Way to push it. Although, I was not running, I was at the beach watching Pele play in a soccer Tournament, Foul weather was an asset to his team; they won every game, including the last game in a sudden death penalty kick! Thanks Corporate!