Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunday bonus beatdown, with Snurpees


Four from Sippy’s Dogpile gathered again for an extra Sunday beatdown in the snow and to plant a shovel flag in maybe the deepest snow seen at any F3..  Conditions were 20 degrees and a little icy but to those of us who like to play in the snow it felt like 70 and sunny:

Start on Lindsey Rd with Mosey to Westham Pkwy.  COP in the road: 30 SSH, 15 Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 25 Don Qs.  Mosey back up to School:  Bear Crawl up fresh snow on hill x4

Mosey to Forest – Merkins in the road, Mosey back to Westham.  Stop midway for 100 LBCs.  More Merkins at Westham.  Lunge 50 yards then mosey back to Forest.  Merkins in the road x12, 25 Jump Squats, then Crab Walk 50 yards then mosey back to Westham.

Stop in school parking lot:  Broad Jump length of parking lot in virgin snow.  Mosey back to Westham, more merkins, then Bear Crawl up hill x3 again.

Finish with 4 min Mary in the road-  60 LBCs, 20 Alabama Prop Dates, 20 BoxCutters, 20 Rosalitas.

Finish back at Shovel Flag with 10 Burpees in virgin snow – Snurpees.


YHC threw out a suggestion after all the fun at Dogpile yesterday to have a Sunday beatdown since the Trails were closed.  Since TES is near many RVA PAX with the road conditions YHC chose it.  Glad to see 3 others from yesterday there.  There was a lot of going back & forth on Lindsey as the 14+ inches of snow made it difficult to go off the road.  When the PAX did venture off the road it got messy quick with the uphill Bear Crawl getting the PAX covered in snow.

The broad jumps across parking lot were very tough, YHC was wiped out after that.  The Snurpees at the end were fun to see how our weight could leave a detailed impression after finishing.  Lots of discussion on the mosey about BRR, again if you haven’t signed up – do it!

With all the snow and ice none of the PAX slipped or wiped out.  YHC fell backwards during the broad jumps but that was from exhaustion not ice.

For those who haven’t posted in the snow yet – come out to an AO you can get to this week, the snow isn’t going away anytime soon. If you are worried about your feet getting cold talk to TYA about his wrapping your feet in grocery bags strategy. It is always fun to get out and play in the snow no matter what age you are!


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout. Thanks to Saab for the ride.

    The broad jumps and snurpees were insane. Seeing honeydo face planting in the snow on each burpee was hysterical. Our imprints in the snow even funnier.

    Lots of strange looks and comments working out in the snow, but I agree with honeydo, always fun to play in snow!

  2. Darn, wish I’d known, I could walk to Tuckahoe Elementary. Any workouts planned there tomorrow or Tuesday?

  3. Good work gents. Looks like a lot of fun. For the sanity of my entire family, my M. had to get out of the house this morning for a workout. We went down to Pump House for the some fun on the trails. With the 14 inches of snow, we did not actually run the trails, but we walked them at a pace as fast as we could could muster. The view from the Nickel Bridge, which was still closed, was pretty cool.

  4. and THAT is how a new AO is born! Well done gents! I’d probably regularly post here (or somewhere else nearby, perhaps Byrd Middle on Quioccasin?) on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

  5. Not my intent to birth a new AO, just one walkable to a decent number of pax. And with trail run closed thought was ok to throw it out. Sorry about not getting word to you EF hutton, no idea you were in tuckahoe area. Unlike Toga, we would not deliberately avoid inviting you…