Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory flies Proudly at #NoToll


15 Faithful and 1 good-natured FNG (friendly new guy) gathered for the another round of #OldGlory at #NoToll. The temperature was cool and dry, which made for a very pleasant Old Glory run. Here is how it went down:


Mosey from the front parking lot with shovel flag to the front soccer field. Plant Old Glory in the field nearest the parking area. Start with a quick 1 mile run (2 laps of complex), during which YHC gave a quick disclaimer. Plank to regroup and run loops around the AO with 4 exercise stations at the corners:

Station 1: Merkins (American style push-ups) x 20
Station 2: Jump Squats x 20
Station 3: Burpees x 10
Station 4: WWII Situps x 20

Complete as many loops as possible in 20 minutes (by 6:03 today), then gather to run another mile around AO at an easy pace with the leader carrying Old Glory the first lap, and others stepping up to carry Old Glory when the mood strikes them.

End with planks, then 10x rotating planks in cadence.

Mosey back to front parking lot with Shovel Flag for COT. YHC took us out with a COT.


This was a strong performance by all. Rosey was the frontrunner throughout the workout, showing substantial improvement. Sippy Cup better be on his toes because I sense a rising tide of competition. Swirley was trying to chase down Rosey and in doing so, exhibited improvement from last time as well as consistent strength in all fitness areas. YHC was chasing Swirley, but not gaining ground.

I have moved the results from Old Glory to this Google Sheet — here (click link). If I got your progress wrong, or if you need to edit the spreadsheet in the future, then send me a PM or email.

Big welcome to KFC. That was a relatively tough F3 workout to start on. You can expect 2-3 workouts like that a month if you attend regularly. The remainder (other than designated runs on Friday and Sunday) tend to be more bootcamp oriented. KFC performed well in his debut, and we look forward to seeing him grow stronger of the winter.

Since Brain Tumor was not slated to Q, the PAX was a bit surprised when they noticed that YHC was carrying the flag rather than planting it. #PricelessGroansOfGloom


Normal workouts this week, but we need Q’s for #SourceOfTruth and #DogPile. Check out the Sheets. I believe Brain Tumor said he would cover #45MinutesOfMary, but it is not locked down until someone signs up on the Sheets.

F3 works (and is free) because participants lead it. If you feel like you are ready to start Qing and you want help spreading your wings, then let me know. I am happy to share a workout and get you started.

Great job today. AYE!



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  1. Love to have another Q lead this workout! Spread the Old Glory love, Jville! Even better that it surprised everyone. Nice work, fellas! Welcome to KFC and a speedy recovery to Bleeder.

  2. Great work today guys. Way to push it Rosey you were rolling – jville, Splinter, BT and I were giving it our all to catch up with you. I tell yeah what I’m spent – ( the shoe, dogpile, punisher and old glory within 4 days)……. FEBA!
    See y’all in the gloom @ SOT …
    Welcome KFC. Miss you out there Bleeder take care of that knee dude… Sippy hope the back is feeling better buddy..

  3. Well done with the surprise Old Glory today, I was expecting an all burpee morning. Great morning for a workout, almost hard to call it the gloom on a morning like that. Good work fellas.

  4. Wish I hadn’t missed this one! It was indeed a perfect morning for a workout… unless you’re recovering from a cold. Well done fellas!