Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Standing Firm


Three of the PAX #PreGamed at 0640, a fourth joined us at 0700, and two #Double-Dippers (one with the #Ladies) sped over from the #DogPile for some #GridIron action on another beautiful morning in the West End.

The Thang

COP25x SSH, 25x Don Quioxtes, 25x Deep Slow Squats, 25x imperial Walkers, and 25x Standing Side Crunches (“Bobbleheads”)

Mosey to the #Mound for 10 minutes of Burpees

Mosey to the pavilion at the parking lot for Dips Tabata

Mosey to field events venue inside track for 25x LBCs, 25x Rosalitas, 25x Dollys, and 25x Alabama Prom Dates

Mosey to track for 880 – high skips, lunge walks, 220 sprint, lunge walks, and 220 sprint

Mosey back to field events venue for 3 sets of 20x PLTs with mixture of obliques

Mosey to parking lot pavilion for 4 sets of 25x dips


Groh pushed hard with a first-class posting.  He then took out the BOM with an inspired prayer or thanksgiving and supplication.  Great way to start the day – TClaps!


Wilson kept his solid #Double-Dip streak intact with his 5th consecutive posting – TClaps!  Conspiracy kindly revealed the #Ladies to the #GridIroners and the PAX duly noted that the logs appeared freshly cut (and likely thoroughly doused by Conspiracy) to increase the weight load on the #DogPilers.  Discussion digressed and it was agreed that Sammy Sosa would have corked his log.

Johnsonville is back on the DL after losing his #DIY battle with a recalcitrant washing machine.  Nonetheless, J’ville faithfully posted and assumed command of the clock on the Burpees and DIP Tabatas.  More importantly, J’ville led the #Pre-Game with a look at leadership under the example of Daniel (part 2) – Daniel’s strong, trustworthy, faithful, and focused leadership engendered the envy and insubordination of other leaders under Darius; those insecure leaders, instead of seeking that which set Daniel apart as a secure leader, tricked Darius into proclaiming an unjust law but the ever faithful Daniel stood firm and survived the lions’ den. The takeway: Daniel was an effective leader because he was incorruptible; Darius’s leadership floundered because he failed to be on guard against the scheming of his subordinates.

Solid 2nd F at the Daily Grind this morning.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. – 1 Corinthians 16:13


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  1. Solid workout Earthworm! Almost glad I missed the 10 minutes of burpees! It was all coffee and donuts at #dogpile. Ok not really! Damn ladies!