Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Overdressed or underdressed?


7 gathered for this weeks iteration of Heartbreak Ridge. YHC with the Q for the second week in a row. Here’s what went down:

Long mosey past our normal COP spot down by the Bus Loop and then back up and around Pemberton Elementary School to the Bus Loop for COP

Bus Loop Fun. 15 Poles. Round 1 – Bear Crawl to the first pole and complete 2 HRM’s and continue on. Round 2 Crab Walk to the first pole and complete 10 WW2’s and continue on. (1) Burpee at each pole coming down the hill. Round 3 – Run two poles and then come back and do (10) Deep Squats, and continue on. (2) Burpees at each pole coming down the hill.

Mosey to the Blacktop behind the school and complete (10) 2-Count Step Ups on the Picnic Bench.

Mosey back to the Flag for 2 minutes of Mary. Freddie Mercury, LBC’s, and Flutter Kicks.

Announcements – Convergence on Saturday at The Crucible, see Slack for details. Senor Frog with his VQ on Monday, September 25th at Heartbreak Ridge.

Prayer Requests – please keep Doozy in your thoughts/prayers.

NMS – quiet morning, YHC kept the crew moving and we took advantage of a lesser used section of the A.O. Its good to have Tonka at Heartbreak. He posted 3? times last week and at least once this week so far. Great job to Lighthouse for using his Ukrainian Motivation to help get him out. Backblast title comes from Tonka posting on a 53 degree morning with Long Pants and a Sweatshirt, he will learn.


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