Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaPile Hot Potato


4 men posted at DaPile for a hot potato Q.

  • COP (Mr Holland)
    • Mosey around big parking lot
    • SSH, Ukrainian soldiers, etc.
  • Dora (Helix)
    • P1 hang from pull up bar (timer)
    • P2 – 50x lunges, 100xWW2s, 200xSSHs
  • Touch a tree (Bulkhead)
    • Mosey to football field parking lot for by partner touch a tree
    • P1 – touch 3 trees and back
    • P2 – Flutterkicks, squats, reverse snow angels,
  • Mosey back to flag, sprint one light pole to the next, walk to next light pole then do 10x Merkins
  • Some stretching to close it out, numbers, names, Helix took us out
  • Good F2 at the local cup

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