Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Putting the work in on labor day


49 Redwoods met in the warming gloom for our Labor Day convergence. According to the indecisive Land Rover driver looking for the Farmer, here is how it went down more or less.

5 Burpee start, mosey to COP. Disclaimer, Mission. All IC: 10x SSH, 10x Don Quixote, 20x ‘Merican, 10x WW2, 10x Hello Dolly, 10x Rosalita. Mosey to…

Upchuck Q. Triple Check touch a tree, Runner fondles 10, 8, 6. Monkey Humpers, LBC. Mosey to

Corned Beef Q. Triple Check pipe loop. Reverse Crunch and Lunge in place. Mosey to…

Oyster Q. Triangle Triple Check. ‘Merican and American Hammers. Mosey to…

5 min of Mary. all IC. 20x Hello Dolly, 20x Rosalita, 20x Flutter Kick, 15x Freddy Mercury, 5x Bohemian Rhapsody.

Hutton took us out. Prayers for Yee Haws daughter and those suffering mental anguish.

Thanks to Hutton and Pigskin for bringing Gatorade and Water. 2F at Ellwood Thompson.


  • 16 Sep Workout for Liv at Rountree / Satans Hill
  • 16 Sep West End 5k
  • 23 Sep 9 year F3RVA Anniversary Convergence at the Crucible.

NMS – Labor day is a day off of work but we put the work in today in time for family and fun. Thanks to all the Qs for their planning and execution. And thanks to all the PAX that made it out today.

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