Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Daville in the gloom


Six studs enjoyed the cooler 70 and sunny weather for a old school beatdown. This is what went down, more or less.

Mosey to COP, disclaimer. All IC. 20x SSH, 10x DQ, 10x merican, 10x Ukrainian soldiers, 15x arm circles each way, 10x helicopter, 10x merican, 10x WW2, 10x rosalita, 10x hello dolly, 10x heels to heaven, 10x flutter kicks, plank, dolphin, down dog, warrior, pigeon. 15 min elapsed.

Mosey to gaze at tires and try to check for snakes. one useable for PAX and 6 pax. New Plan. Mosey to jerkin bars 8reps x3sets .

Mosey around back side 20x dips + 10x decline merican. Repeat. Repeat again.

Attempt at orangutans (admitting its not for everyone, this bar had metal loops just big enough to break grip). Mosey to pull up bars. Find pullup max and then do 1 less and then 2 less. Everyone else does squats.

Ranger PT. 3x 10 Plank assisted decline merican. 2x 10 Resisted overhead presses.

5 dips at each table bench on the way back to the flag… roughly 21 benches.

APD and flutter kicks to finish us off.

Corned Beef took us out. Prayers for one of Opus’ students starting chemo this week.

NMS – always enjoy DaVille. Thanks everyone for coming out. With sunrise after 6 now, definitely feel like we are back to the gloom.

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