Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A FirstWatch Block Party


10 partygoers, including 2 early bird yogis, showed up for a block party – gloom style. This is how we rolled…

Mosey around the parking lot in case there were any LIFOs – there were none. Circle up by the vehicles for COP, including DQs, Helicopters, SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Shoulder Taps, Toe Taps (a crowd pleaser), Merkins, LBCs and APDs.

Grab the party favors (blocks) and cross River Road at your peril – carry blocks to the church parking lot and circle up for several rounds of block exercises each followed by a mosey around the parking lot or a lunge walk to the steps and back. Exercises included block burpees, squats, curls, shoulder presses, bench presses, WWIIs (without the block), overhead shoulder work on the curb, step-ups and more. Some plank-o-rama and mountain climbers and other fun while we wait for the SIX and catch our breath in between reps.

Carry blocks back across River Road and load them in Kubota’s truck.

Four Corners – 10 merkins; 10 merkins + 20 single count mountain climbers; 10 merkins + 20 MCs + 30 squats; and 10 merkins + 20 MCs + 30 squats + 40 SSHs and back to the original COP Circle.

4 minutes of Mary, COT, numbers, names and YHC took us out.

Great, cool morning and some good block work accomplished. Thanks to Kubota for bringing the blocks. Splinter’s account will be charged for breaking his block – inflation is a bitch. Not a ton of mumblechatter, but YHC lost the group in COP with the toe taps and then subsequently when one PAX member (YHC isn’t exactly sure who) cleared the deck and I’m pretty sure left skid marks in the parking lot. We regrouped however and put in some good work. Thanks for letting me lead.

Also great to catch up with WOJ over coffee!

Announcement – Memorial Day Convergence 0700 at Tredegar – bring your Shovel Flag and a Friend.

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