Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Detour to First Watch


Early rise for this on at 4:15 to make sure to post at 5am for this AO…Had a Detour to get there and arrived with some time to plant the flag and get situated for this early morning beatdown and here is what happened:


Run 2 laps to survey the parking lot, look for hazards and determine the driest area to circle up for:

20 SSH, 10 slow DQ’s, 10 4ct Helicopters, 15 arm circles (10 small and 5 big) reverso, 10 imperial walkers, 10 Ukrainian soldiers, 20 4ct American Hammers, 10 4ct LBC’s, 10 4 ct Alabama Prom Dates, 10 windshield washers. Recover.


With 9 total today a good triple check was in order so we divide up and P1 – Runs lap around parking lot as the timer, P2 Donkey Kicks, P3 Squats…we rotate in this order where the Runner goes to DK and DK to Squats and Squats to Run. We complete one set by rotating through each station. 2 more sets for a triple check.

We then mosey to Kubota’s truck for the coupons and each group takes one. For the second triple check P1 runs the lap, P2 – Dealers choice on Coupon, and P3 Dealers choice(bench press, curls, overhead press…) on Abs(flutter kicks, lbc’s, etc). We rotate as above with each member finishing each station for a set. 2 more sets for a triple check.

We then Mosey to the Church steps for the last triple check effort.

P1 – Runs to dumpster enclosure at the rear lot and back as the timer, P2 – Calf raises on the step and P3 – Hand release merkins. Each partner rotates through each station to complete a set and we only had time for 2 sets, then we moseyed back to flag for numberama, namerama.

YHC took us out in prayer


YHC signed up for this one awhile ago knowing this was the 4 year anniversary week from the first post in F3. What a ride it has been so far and appreciate all of the great people that I have met. We have worked out, had a beer/bourbon, coffee, run races, ridden bikes, cooked meals, built ramps, rucked, laughed and prayed together. YHC has had many firsts also, likely not to have even been attempted without this brotherhood of men. I look forward to many more workouts and fun times for years to come and thankful for you showing up and posting for various workouts as it is always a great day when you plant a flag, workout, circle up and pray to start the day.

Humbled and honored, see you in the gloom soon gents, Cheers…CB


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