Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Creatine, Health, and Longevity!


10 RocknRollers made it out to Rockwood Park for another installment of Rock and Roll. It was certainly interesting and we may have something to look forward to next week. Here’s what went down in this morning’s throw down.

We started out with your typical warmup in the basketball court.


Imperial walkers IC

Don Quyotes IC

In and outs (Scrunchy frogs for Rosie) IC


5 Merkins

We moseyed over to the far inner parking lot of the park for Four corners

20 merkins, 40 squats, 60 LBCs, 80 double count Mountain climbers.

Next we moseyed over to the baseball field for Chaplain’s Indigenous polesmokers around the outfield. The traveler would bear crawl to the front. Once we made it to center field we switched to American Hammers and crab walking. Dr. Try Hard saw an older man walking on the other side of the fence walking about the same pace as his crab walk. DTH said something along the lines of “you think you can walk as fast as my crab walk old man!” To which the man responded “I can do all that stuff you guys are doing, I’m 72 years old and I studied Health and Longevity! You boys better have taken your CREATINE!” They banterred back and forth for a few minutes and got a bit fired up before the guy (We decided to call him Creatine) moved on and we got to foul territory.

We lined up on the foul line for A Dora

Teams of 2 complete an exercise and run to center field and back

30 burpees

60 Plank jacks

90 squats

120 SSH

As Creatine came around again DTH suggested some Monkey Humpers. YHC obliged.

Next Mankillers from 10 to 1 once YHC messed up the counting about 5 times.

We moseyed over to the hill near the concession stand for another Dora

Traveler Bernies up the hill and bear crawls down

50 Merkins

100 Mountain climbers

100 WW2s

150 ball dippers double count

Time to mosey back to the flag. With some Bernie Sanders and some side shuffles.

Circle up for numbers, names, prayer requests, and announcements. Lots of announcements, be sure to keep up with them on Slack.

We also welcomed an FNG. Welcome to Mayhem! Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

I heard that DTH talked to Creatine on his way out of the park and he might be joining us next week. That should be interesting!


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