Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bash Brothers strike again!


A band of 14 showed up to dominate for this weeks episode of Dogpile. Co-Q’s EF Hutton and Handshake split the duties. Hutton led off.

EF Hutton – starting with a COP in the circle. Next up mosey to the Amphitheater and start at the top with (3) Derkins, (3) Merkins, (3) Incline Merkins on each step x 18 steps (Hutton isn’t good at math). Next mosey to the Rusty Cage and partner up. P1 runs to the Hydrant and does (5) WWII’s while P2 starts the 50 Burp-Ups. Luckily Hutton audibled to 30 after his partner was only at 6 after the first run. Round 2 was 150 Dips and round 3 was 250 Monkey Humpers.

Flip the Q to Handshake. Mosey out of the back of the Rusty Cage and down to the Pipe Loop. Partner up to groups of 3 or 4. P1 runs the loops, P2 HRM’s, P3 WWII’s. Mosey to the bottom of Love Hill for an Indigenous Peoples Run up the hill. Stop at the grass clearing just up from the Dog Park and do an “all you got” sprint back to the flag. 1 minute of Mary to finish.

Announcements – Worby has his VQ at The Alamo on Monday.

Prayer requests – pray for the Moms this Mother’s Day. Also, Fergie’s brother had surgery for Cancer this week. Surgery went well and prayers for recovery and other continuing medical needs.

NMS – Bootleg had signed up for the Q but he let YHC and Hutton take it. Great day to be with the guys and welcome to FNG Altar Boy, who is Faceplants close friend/sons Godfather who lives in Annapolis.


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