Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back in the Day


It was throwback Thursday at the Forge this morning. 9 of SOJ’s finest joined the festivities. The following is a brief summary for your view pleasure:

Massacre Start on the knolls – Big Rig Jig up the hills, Lunge Walk Across the tops, Crab Walk down

To the parking lot for Warm-Up:

SSH’s, Clapping Ukranian Soldiers, Jazzercise, Mummy Kicks, Apple Bottom Poppers, Hand Release Merkins, LBC’s.

Through the parking lots: Mario Jumps, Bernie Sanders, Side Shuffles, High Knees.

Exercise One: Mt. Chaplain
On the ascent: Parking lot 1 – 2 burpees, 10 Mountain Climbers. Parking Lot 2 – 3 burpees, 10 Mountain Climbers. Follow pattern for all parking lots. On the descent, start with 2 burpees, 10 mountain climbers and work your way up. 2 rounds total.

Mosey towards the back of the high school stopping for a CHALLENGE: 100 jump squats.

Exercise Two: Murder Gorilla Zig Zags:
5 count Bear Crawl, 5 murder gorillas to the side, repeat across the field.

On the way back to the flag: Tooth Fairies up the double staircase.

Walking Arm Circles, Walking Lt. Dans, then mosey back to the flag.

2 minutes of Monkey Humpers to wrap things up.

Numbers/Names/Announcements/Prayer Requests

YHC took us out

Final thoughts: I was celebrating 4 years in F3 RVA today! It’s been an amazing time with many great memories and friendships. Broke out some exercises from the Q’s of Chaplains past. The best “back in the day” reference was definitely hearing about Dealer circa 1999.


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