Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chuck Norris would be proud



PAX was 12 strong with runners breaking off to go to war on the track. Bootcampers were properly greeted and performed standard warmup with SSHs, helicopters, cherry pickers, merkins, assortment of stretches for the legs


Got right to work at the dojo with front kicks with a scoot, round kicks, side kicks, jabs. Warriors tacked a stripe on to the karate belt and looked ready to battle the beast of SOT.

The beast was wet and dirty. First 4 sets were a build-a-beast with merkins, mountain climbers, dollies and WW2s. YHC was feeling an audible. So deconstruct the beast with a merkins, LTDs with a few choosing the bonus of burpees for the final stretch. The men were pumped and finished the battle strong.

With the beast slain we headed back to the flag to get our Mary on lead by a few of the proud and strong.

announcements and prayer requests, with a good word from DTH that took us out.

Lots going on coming up including fri at 5 for diamond billiards among others. Please check slack for details.

Thanks for allowing me to lead such a fine group of men.


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