Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Keep Climbin


FSU football’s head coach Mike Norvell has a theme for his team called “The Climb”. He inherited a 5-7 team that had been on a slide downward for several years. He’ll often tell his team and coaches to “Keep Climbin” while they work on their weaknesses to get better each day. That’s what we did today at Bermuda, literally and metaphorically :

Warmarama – 20 SSH IC, 10 IW’s IC, 10 Ukrainian Soldiers IC, 10 Merkins IC

Mosey to workout area behind basketball court then spread across 4 stations

3 Rounds of the following :

Station 1 – 5 Pull Ups

Station 2 – 10 Jerkins

Station 3 – swing across monkey bars skipping every other bar

Station 4 – hang on monkey bars and move sidewards in a circle around them for a full rotation

Mosey to playground : go through 4 different monkey bar stations without your feet touching the ground (YHC’s right hand is blistered and bleeding at this point)

Mosey to parking lot in the back of Elementary School

4 Corners Prostitute : 10 Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 30 Flutters DOUBLE COUNT, 40 SSH

Mosey into disc golf forest trail then stop at the meadow on the left

BLIMPS : 5 Navy Seal Burpees, 10 Lunges DOUBLE COUNT, 15 IW’s DOUBLE COUNT, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jax, 30 Squats

Mosey back to parking lot behind elementary school

25 WWII’s IC

Mosey BTTF

1 minute of rapid fire Straight Leg Kicks with left leg

1 minute of rapid fire Straight Leg Kicks with right leg


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out

Announcements : Sat 5/21 SOJ Family cookout and basketball (contact OC); Mon 5/29 Memorial Day Convergence at Tredegar at 7 am with bagels and coffee afterwards; Invite FNG’s for the May challenge

Prayer request : Safe travels to State Farm who’s in Kansas City for work. He plans on posting with F3 out there

NMMS : At the end of the Q, we actually saw a real human being in the Gloom at Bermuda Triangle! He was going for a run so of course YHC put the EH on him. He said he plans on coming out to post and that he lives in the neighborhood right next to the park. He seemed enthusiastic but you never know until they actually post


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