Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


As has become more of a trend, it had been a while since YHC’s last Q. A Tuesday evening group text from Lighthouse asking for a Q came through yet again and YHC raised his hand. Here’s what we did:

Decided to draft on Gypsy’s parking deck workout from a week prior and return to the scene of a Gypsy beat down so that we could perform a favorite of mine, the Paula Abdul. Travel up 2 levels of a parking deck, back down 1 and so on and so forth. I always turn these into a bit of an escalator as well, adding an exercise on each ascent/descent.

We performed a perfunctory warm up after our jog to the deck – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Arm circles, and then commenced the workout.

Run up two levels to perform either an upper/lower body exercise, run down 1 level for some core work. We rinsed and repeated this all the way to the top, adding 1 additional exercise with each stop (classic escalator).

Appreciate the opportunity to lead.


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