Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The preacher man called…


7 for the Bootcamp and 1 on a Bicycle for this weeks 45MOM

Mosey to the Blacktop for a COP of various exercises and either (1) Burpee or (1) HRM after each exercise

Mosey to the grass and partner up. P1 stays and does WWII’s and P2 runs to the Monkey Bars and does 7 Pull Ups x 3 rotations

Mosey to the northwestern corner of campus to the Tables and complete (20) Derkins, (20) Dips, and (20) Squats

Mosey to ‘lil Blue and retrieve the Fun Size Coupons. Mosey back to the same corner and complete various exercises with high volume of reps to offset the smaller Blocks.

Group up for a very ambitious Triple Check. P1 takes their block and runs to the southwestern corner of the school and completes (10) Dips on the bars. Meanwhile P2 is doing Curls for the Girls and P3 is doing Step Ups on the Picnic Tables. We only had time for 1 round.

Mosey to the Flag

Announcements – Gomer’s CSAUP at Godwin on Saturday. 0600-0645 Ruck, 0700-0745 Bootcamp, 0800-? Run. Senor Frogs son graduates from ODU on Saturday

NMS – quiet morning, not much mumble chatter. We were missing some key players today, so it was a little more 45MOM and not 45MOG (Minutes of Geri). Fergie brought down the average age by a lot.


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